Outdoor Furniture


Texas Hot Tub Company is proud to offer furniture by Texas Casual, makers of the best wooden patio furniture to be found in north Texas. Their family has been building furniture since 1996, and looking at a finished piece of top-quality furniture still gives us a thrill. This workmanship is the best you’ll find, and we’re always researching ideas to build even better furniture and bring you more enjoyment.

About Our Furniture

Texas Casual offers a varied selection of unique outdoor furniture, but all of the items have several common characteristics – attractive appearance, practical design, and quality materials. All of the furniture is made from Clear grade pressure-treated southern yellow pine. It’s Genuine Wolmanized L3 Outdoor Wood, protected by a carbon-based, non-metallic preservative and includes factory-injected water repellent.

Texas Casual receives this lumber while it is still wet from treatment. After slowly drying it for several months in a drying shed, they plane it on all four sides and round the corners. Next, they sort the boards for various parts, with an eye toward best appearance and strong construction. The boards are cut into parts, the edges routered that will be exposed on the finished product, and the holes pre-drilled for the bolts and screws used in assembling the furniture. Assembly is another process of careful gluing, fastening, and sanding work to make sure that the furniture product sold, and the best that you can buy.