Hot Tubs

Embracing the Art of Relaxation

At Texas Hot Tub Company, we’re proud ambassadors of a lifestyle that celebrates relaxation and wellness, a sentiment deeply echoed in our partnership with the renowned HotSpring® Spas. Our extensive range of hot tubs, including salt water options, is meticulously curated to offer an unmatched spa experience, tailored to the distinct lifestyle of every Texan. Whether it’s the cozy intimacy of a compact tub for serene evenings or the lavishness of a larger model for social gatherings, our selection, featuring HotSpring Spas, caters to every desire.

Hot tubs are havens of rejuvenation, offering therapeutic benefits that transcend mere relaxation. Regular hot tub use can significantly alleviate stress, soothe muscle and joint discomfort, and improve sleep quality. We take immense pride in offering an incredible lineup of HotSpring models equipped with cutting-edge hydrotherapy and ergonomic designs, making your time in the hot tub both soothing and beneficial to your health and well-being.

Understanding the uniqueness of each customer, at Texas Hot Tub Company, we offer a personalized approach to hot tub selection, including expert guidance on the unique features of HotSpring Spas and traditional chlorine vs. salt water systems. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect hot tub that complements your space, style, and budget. Our range spans from highly energy-efficient models to luxurious options packed with advanced features, offering a fit for every preference and need. The cornerstone of our collection is durability and quality.

We collaborate with leading manufacturers, like HotSpring, to bring you products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect, including our customer service. We offer comprehensive support, from installation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience for our customers. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we offer a portal to a new way of living, one that elevates relaxation and well-being.


Crafting Your Personal Spa Retreat

Transform your backyard into a sanctuary of peace and enjoyment with your dream selection from our incredible lineup of hot tubs. From tranquil nights under the stars to joyous gatherings with friends and family, a hot tub from Texas Hot Tub Company becomes the heart of your home’s outdoor experience.

Our range, featuring the celebrated HotSpring® brand, offers diverse styles and sizes, each with unique attributes such as customizable jets, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting options. These features allow you to create a personalized spa experience that reflects your preferences and enhances your quality of life. We stand by the quality of our hot tubs, which are sourced from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Is a hot tub, sauna, or swim spa from Texas Hot Tub Company right for you?

Each hot tub in our collection meets our rigorous standards for performance, durability, and design. Our comprehensive service doesn’t end at the sale; we offer complete installation, maintenance, and repair services to help ensure your hot tub experience remains hassle-free and enjoyable for years to come.

Hot Tubs

Essential Water Care and Maintenance

To maximize the benefits and longevity of your hot tub, proper water care is essential. We offer an extensive range of water care products (including traditional chlorine, salt water, and mineral products), each designed to help keep your spa water crystal clear, clean, and safe for use. Regular maintenance keeps your hot tub a hygienic and inviting oasis.

Hot Tubs

Accessorize for Comfort and Convenience

Enhance your hot tub experience with our premium selection of accessories. We offer protective covers, ergonomic steps, aromatherapy products, convenient storage solutions, and more, all designed to elevate your hot tub experience. These accessories add comfort, functionality, and style, making your relaxation time even more enjoyable and personalized.

Hot Tubs vs. Swim Spas: Individual Wellness Choices

The Unique Benefits of Hot Tubs vs. Swim Spas

At Texas Hot Tub Company, we recognize that wellness journeys are deeply personal, which is why our range includes both hot tubs and swim spas, each tailored to suit different preferences and lifestyles. Our hot tubs, featuring the acclaimed HotSpring® brand, epitomize relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits.

Perfect for de-stressing after a busy day, they offer a peaceful space to soothe sore muscles, engage in quiet reflection, or enjoy quality time with loved ones. Swim spas, conversely, offer a unique blend of the recreational and fitness aspects of a swimming pool with the comfort and therapeutic advantages of a hot tub.

They are an excellent choice for those who wish to combine exercise and relaxation in one convenient, space-saving solution. With features like a continuous water current, they are ideal for swimming, water-based workouts, and resistance exercises. Additionally, the hydrotherapy seating areas in swim spas provide a perfect spot to unwind after a workout.

Beat a turkey coma with a swim spa!

While hot tubs focus more on relaxation and therapeutic relief, swim spas offer the benefit of physical exercise. Regardless of your choice, each brings a unique set of perks, catering to your specific wellness needs. Our commitment at Texas Hot Tub Company is to guide you towards the best choice for your lifestyle and perfectly aligned with your personal health goals.

Making an Informed Decision

When it comes to selecting the perfect addition to your home, the choice between a hot tub and a swim spa is an important one. This decision largely hinges on your available space, specific wellness goals, and personal lifestyle preferences. If your primary focus is on relaxation and hydrotherapy, a hot tub might be the ideal solution. Hot tubs are designed to provide soothing warmth and massage, perfect for unwinding after a long day or for therapeutic relief from muscle tension and joint pain.

For those who seek a combination of fitness and relaxation, a swim spa is an excellent choice. Swim spas offer the dual benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub, enabling you to enjoy water-based exercises and relaxation in one convenient package.

They are particularly suitable for individuals or families who are looking for a comprehensive wellness solution that accommodates both active and leisurely lifestyles. Both hot tubs and swim spas represent significant investments in your personal health and well-being. They are much more than luxury items, but are tools for enhancing your lifestyle. A hot tub or swim spa provides a private retreat for relaxation and decompression, acts as a gathering place for family and friends, and adds a unique element to your home entertainment options.

The therapeutic benefits of water are well-documented, and owning a hot tub or swim spa gives you the opportunity to enjoy these benefits on a daily basis. Investing in a hot tub or swim spa from Texas Hot Tub Company means you’re choosing a product that will both enhance your property and also improve your overall quality of life.

Whether it’s the serene solitude of a hot tub soak or the invigorating exercise of a swim spa session, you’re making a decision that will provide endless hours of enjoyment and bliss. Our team is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs, ensuring that your investment brings you the maximum benefit for years to come.

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Beyond Your Purchase

As you step into our world, you’ll quickly realize that we are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers. We strive to create an environment where every individual feels valued and understood, with their wellness goals being our top priority.

By choosing Texas Hot Tub Company, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re joining a family that is dedicated to helping you relax, rejuvenate, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.We invite you to join our community of satisfied customers and experience the transformative power of our hot tubs, swim spas, saunas, and more.

Discover how these exceptional products can revolutionize your daily routine, offering a sanctuary of peace and tranquility right in your own backyard. With Texas Hot Tub Company, a soothing soak and a rejuvenating experience are just a step away, ready to enrich your life one moment at a time.

The Texas Hot Tub Company Difference

At Texas Hot Tub Company, our mission extends far beyond merely selling hot tubs; we aim to offer a holistic wellness experience, deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication is reflected in every facet of our business, from the superior quality of our products, like the prominent HotSpring® brand, to our exceptional customer service.

Our goal is to ensure that each customer’s journey with us is a smooth, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. We recognize that purchasing a hot tub is a considerable investment, one that involves thoughtful decision-making. To this end, we are devoted to making the selection process as informative and stress-free as possible.

Our team of seasoned experts is always on hand to answer any questions, provide personalized recommendations, and offer comprehensive support. We want each customer to feel fully confident and thoroughly satisfied with their choice, knowing they have the backing of a knowledgeable and supportive team.

Join Our Community of Satisfied Customers

We invite you to discover the unique Texas Hot Tub Company experience. Our showrooms are the perfect place to start. There, you can interact with our products firsthand, engage in conversations with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and begin your journey towards a heightened state of relaxation and wellness.

The Texas Hot Tub Company Difference

We are a community of dedicated professionals, united in our mission to bring the highest quality relaxation and wellness solutions to homes across Texas. Our team is fueled by a sincere commitment to enhancing the lives of our customers. We do this by offering exceptional products and a comprehensive support system that goes far beyond the initial sale.

Our approach is customer-centric, focusing on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each person. We believe in building relationships based on trust, expertise, and a deep understanding of the benefits that relaxation and wellness can bring to everyday life. From providing guidance on products to offering maintenance tips, or sharing insights on how to maximize the benefits of our products, our team is always ready and eager to assist.

By choosing Texas Hot Tub Company, you’re gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your investment continues to bring joy and wellness for years to come.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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