Checking in on Your Hot Tub After a Storm

A HotSpring® hot tub installation in the backyard with a cover.

When you have a stunning HotSpring® or Jacuzzi® hot tub installation in your backyard, storms can be total party poopers. After the storm comes the mess and it needs looking into. Inevitable as storms and their resulting damage might be, there is always scope for some damage control. A checklist of things to do will come in handy. Here’s an easy guide to check in on your hot tub after a storm.

First Things First: Gauging Whether There Is Damage

When it comes to storms and hot tubs in your backyard, sometimes the two just don’t mix. Depending on the type of storm it is and the damage expected, you may have some cleanup and repair on your hands. We’ve covered a bit more on how to maintain your hot tub as you check for post-storm damages here. But in the meantime, gauge how much damage has been done.

Check the Cover of Your Hot Tub

For the sake of your own safety, always start by switching off the power supply to your hot tub. This is important before you do a damage check. Your hot tub cover can have obvious external damages like small cuts, tears or small punctures. You can easily repair these by utilizing at patching kit on the ripped area. A crack in the vinyl layer of your hot tub traps water and moisture in the foam layer. In many cases, the dents may not be externally visible. Running your hand over the foam layer can give you a clear indication of damage to your hot tub cover. If it is water logged or severely damaged, it’s time for a replacement. And with great options from Texas Hot Tub Company, you can be sure your hot tub is protected and efficient for all the days to come.

Check the Cabinet for Damage

Next, check your cabinet for damage. Is there any noticeable damage to the outside of your spa? If so, call the professionals at Texas Hot Tub Company for your needed repairs quickly, so that the internal components of your spa don’t receive damage from being exposed to the elements.

Check the Shell for Damage

If your cover was pulled from your hot tub during the storm, it could be that the interior shell of your spa has sustained damage. Start by scooping out large debris and dirt from your hot tub. Then drain your spa. Once the inside is clean and dry, you can check the hot tub shell for visible breakage, small cracks or scratches. Is there damage? Give us a call right away!

Call Us for Assistance with Your Hot Tub

Always remember that regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your hot tub can go a long way in preparing it for a stormy day. Also, the sooner and more in detail you check your hot tub for damages, the better. But we understand that there are times when you would rather have an expert take over. You can contact us at Texas Hot Tub Company at 817-952-5984 for any assistance, repair and replacement regarding your hot tub installation. When the storms of life come your way, you can always trust Texas Hot Tub Company to get your treasured investment back in prime working order!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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