Is It Okay to Let My Dog Use Our Hot Tub?

Can you use your hot tub with your dog?

You’ve been best friends for a long time. He greets you every morning with a kiss, meets you at the door when you get home from work, and takes a leisurely stroll through the park with you every Sunday. Whoever thought your soul mate would come in a fluffy, puppy package! It’s been a wonderful match made in heaven. And although you love to do absolutely everything together, you may be asking yourself one question: “Is it okay to let my dog use our hot tub?”

Hold up before you put your sweet pooch in the spa! Let’s examine the repercussions of hot tub soaks with pets – both to you, your pet, and your spa.

Hot Tubs Are Balanced

There’s a beautiful feeling when your hot tub water is perfectly balanced. Companies have gone through strides to make sure that the chemicals you use in your hot tub are safe for humans who use the spa. However, those chemicals are not designed for dogs, or any other pet for that matter. First, you don’t want chemicals getting on or into your dog that might harm him. Plus, you don’t want any chemicals from your pet (such as flea and tick treatments, etc.) getting into your hot tub for you to soak in. Next, spa chemicals cannot fight germs your dog may introduce to the water. Neither one of these instances is good for you, your hot tub water, or your precious pup. Keep safe and keep your hot tub water in balance by observing the right way to use your spa.

Hot Tubs Are Hot!

Hot tubs are hot. Like… really hot. And, honestly, you couldn’t be happier! You love rejuvenating soaks to help start off your morning right. Plus, there’s nothing as relaxing as a long, lingering soak after a hard day’s work. The hot water soothes you into a place of quiet contentment. But for your dog, the same is not true. You see, people perspire. It allows your body heat to escape so that you can stay in that steamy haven of peaceful relaxation. However, your sweet furry pal does not perspire. Dogs rid their body of heat by panting. There is no amount of panting that can compensate for the rise in body temperature that a hot tub will cause your pet. The last thing you want is to cause a medical condition or emergency that would risk your pooch’s health!

Hot Tubs Have Innovative Designs

The beautiful, innovative design of your hot tub may be what attracted you to it in the first place. Your spa has sleek, shiny jets, a pristine shell finish, and luxury seating that would make even the richest man envious. And the unscratched beauty of your digital control panel is a wonder to behold. Filters give you clean, sparkling water. Your spa is always ready for you to use. But if you place your pet in your spa, two things are bound to happen. Those paws have claws. Your hot tub will not escape unscathed. Every sleek finish will be scratched – from seats to jets and electronics. Plus, those filters will not be able to do their job when they are clogged with pet hair. Save yourself the headache and the payment of costly repairs by making your hot tub a people-only space.

At Texas Hot Tub Company, we want you to have the best, safest experiences when using your hot tub. Keep your fluffy soul mate safe by following these great tips for dogs and pets.

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