The Truth About Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

the truth about self-cleaning hot tubs

A self-cleaning hot tub? Yes, please. You saw the advertisement and want to sign up to get one immediately and start enjoying immaculately clean water and effortless maintenance. Well, here’s the truth about self-cleaning hot tubs: they are a myth. The idea of a self-cleaning hot tub is nothing other than a slick marketing ploy to get your attention without actually delivering on the promise. 

Self-Cleaning Hot Tub: A Misleading Marketing Tactic

The concept of a “self-cleaning hot tub” is nothing more than a marketing tactic. There is no hot tub available that cleans itself like a self-cleaning oven does: just flip a switch and the job is done. The concept of “self-cleaning” is a play on the truth designed to draw in customers.

All Hot Tubs Are Self-Cleaning to a Degree

In reality, all hot tubs are self-cleaning to a degree in that they come with a filtration system that cleans the water. A hot tub that is described as self-cleaning may in fact simply have an upgraded filtration system that turns the water over at a faster rate. This means the water is filtered more times in an hour than a hot tub without this designation. 

Other features that may assist in keeping hot tub water clean are ozone generators and water purification systems. While these mechanisms may be helpful in providing some degree of water clarity, they in no way are a substitute for regular manual cleaning and maintenance.

All Hot Tubs Require Regular Maintenance

No matter what fancy filtration systems or other devices they have to promote better water quality, all hot tubs require regular maintenance with some time and effort provided by the owner. A consistent maintenance schedule will be required to keep your hot tub water in tip-top, usable condition, regardless of the style, brand, or features. 

What’s Involved in Regular Hot Tub Maintenance?

A consistent maintenance routine involves the following actions: regular water testing, balancing the chemical levels, and adjusting them as needed. Also, cleaning the filters at least once a month with a chemical cleaner and hose and replacing worn filters is necessary. Additionally, periodic draining and refilling of the hot tub are important to eliminate accumulated contaminants that cannot be removed through regular maintenance processes. 

Do Your Homework

Rather than being hooked by a “self-cleaning hot tub” sales gimmick, some due diligence will give you a decided advantage when approaching a dealer with your hot tub desires and requirements. Some brands such as Hot Spring® Spas, have the option of higher-turnover rate filtration systems and a dedicated circulation pump to get the best use out of your water. It is true that hot tubs with these features are not technically self-cleaning, but their advanced technology will somewhat reduce your maintenance efforts.

Other Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Maintenance

There are a few additional things you can do to reduce your hot tub maintenance. Don’t use your spa as a bath, for one. It is best to quickly shower before entering the hot tub, as body oils, lotions, and other products can interfere with water quality. Use your hot tub cover to keep debris, insects, and pollen from tainting the water when your hot tub is not in use. A trick that has been around for a while is to float a tennis ball in the water, as its fibers attract and trap oil, dirt, and other contaminants.

Still Hate the Idea of Hot Tub Maintenance?

If doing the maintenance yourself is still a concern, consider hiring a hot tub maintenance service to come in weekly or monthly to help keep your spa running smoothly. Our amazing service team at Texas Hot Tub Company offers a long list of various services to our hot tub owners which make ownership easier than you ever believed possible. 

The truth about self-cleaning hot tubs is that there is no such thing. While there have been some significant advances in filtration and water quality technology, there is no substitute for regular upkeep. Hot tub owners must be aware that maintaining a clean and hygienic environment requires time, effort, and dedication. Our professional sales staff here at Texas Hot Tub Company can guide you toward hot tub models that have the highest level of cleaning and filtration technology. We’ve also got all the hot tub maintenance supplies you need! Come see us for all your hot tub needs. 


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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