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Endless Pools Swim Spas: Nature Contained

Endless Pools swim spas

It’s no secret that counter-current swimming and walking are great for the mind and body. It’s also no secret that swimming is the most effective full-body workout there is. Unfortunately, not many of us have access to the ocean, river, or lake for our swimming activities. However, luckily for us, Endless Pools® Swim Spas have come up with the technology to emulate the experience of swimming in nature.

The simulated natural current of a swim spa allows swimmers to engage their muscles in ways that closely resemble the challenges of swimming outdoors. The phrase “Endless Pools Swim Spas: Nature Contained” captures the essence of this experience. Discover why a swim spa is ideal for your home.

Endless Pools Swim Spa Technology

Endless Pools X-Series, R-Series, and E-Series swim spas boast an array of cutting-edge technologies that make them stand-out products in the market. They utilize a powerful adjustable current system that allows users to swim or exercise against a steady stream of water similar to swimming in an Olympic-sized pool or open body of water. The jet propulsion system is adjustable in intensity to suit the swimmer’s fitness level and swimming preferences. This feature makes an Endless Pools Swim Spa suitable for swimmers of all abilities — from beginners to advanced athletes.

Endless Pools Swim Spa Benefits

A swim spa offers many benefits that make one an appealing choice for individuals and families alike. It provides a versatile and compact solution for swimming and other aquatic exercise. And the space-saving design allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of swimming without the need for a full-sized backyard pool or having to go to a public swimming facility. Having a swim spa in your backyard is the ultimate convenience.

An additional benefit is that a swim spa can be used for other aquatic activities besides swimming. Do you wish you could take a jog on the beach? Use your Endless Pools Swim Spa with an underwater treadmill for a light stroll or a heart-pounding run. Would you like to row a boat down a river or across a lake? Try the rowing attachment and achieve great results. Or maybe you dream of cycling down long country roads. The Aquabike will give you the same workout you would get in nature in the privacy of your backyard. 

Would You Rather Relax Than Excercise?

If your muscles are sore, or if you just don’t feel like working out, your swim spa also serves as a relaxing hot tub, offering hydrotherapy benefits. Its therapeutic jets provide a soothing massage, targeting specific muscles and aiding muscle recovery. This versatility makes it ideal for those seeking exercise and relaxation. 

Year-Round Usability

The convenience and year-round usability of a swim spa from Endless Pools is worth noting. Unlike traditional pools, your swim spa can be used in any season as it has heating capabilities. And if nature isn’t cooperating with your notion to ride your bike, take a run, or row across the lake, you won’t care, because you can do those activities in your swim spa!

“Endless Pools Swim Spas: Nature Contained” sums up the harmonious blend of the benefits of aquatic exercise with the convenience and control of a backyard or even an indoor swim spa setting. You can get all the rewards of swimming, running, rowing, and biking in your Endless Pools. Whatever your preferred mode of exercise is, a swim spa brings the beauty and benefits of nature to your doorstep. 

Texas Hot Tub Company is your number one choice when it comes to purchasing your favorite Endless Pools Swim Spa in the DFW and Austin areas. With five convenient locations, we make the process easy for you by having swim spas on display in our showrooms and inviting you to take a test soak. We also offer all the accessories to customize your exercise experience. Our wellness experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you find the swim spa that’s right for you.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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