4 Ways to Combat Evaporation in Your Jacuzzi

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So you finally got the Jacuzzi® hot tub of your dreams all set up and ready to go, only to realize that in the hot Texas heat, your hot tub water care is suffering due to evaporation. 

Yes, the same phenomenon that transforms lakes into clouds and gives us rain can cause your hot tub chemistry to be off or have you constantly refilling your spa. 

The experts at Texas Hot Tub Company know that evaporation can get even the most experienced hot tub owners down. So we have compiled a list of all our best tips to help you beat the Texas heat in your hot tub this summer. 

1. Cover it Up, Jacuzzi Hot Tub Style

First and foremost, let’s address the main culprit – exposure to the elements.

Just like we use umbrellas in rain showers to protect ourselves, a hot tub cover is your Jacuzzi hot tub’s best friend. Not only does it keep debris out and maintain water cleanliness, but it also acts as a guardian against excessive evaporation. 

Consider investing in a high-quality cover that fits snugly and keeps your hot tub cozy and limits evaporation.

2. Get Smart with the Water Level

Hot tubs often have a recommended water level, and ensuring it is within the manufacturer’s guidelines can help combat evaporation. 

Maintaining the proper water level minimizes the water’s surface area, reducing the chances of water molecules making an impromptu getaway into the atmosphere. Plus, it’s a great excuse to show your “I’m a water level expert” skills to your friends.

3. Unleash the Power of Water Temperature

While we can’t control the Texas heat outside of our hot tubs, we certainly have the power to adjust the temperature inside them.

Having a higher water temperature will, of course, only cause your water to evaporate faster. 

To minimize this, keep the temperature within a comfortable range. You can do this easily by utilizing the Jacuzzi SmartTub™ System.

This amazing feature will allow you to control so many things from your phone, ensuring that your hot tub and its water are perfect.

4. Mind Your Jets

We all love the soothing massage-like effect of hot tub jets, but did you know they can also contribute to evaporating water? 

When jets are in full swing, they cause water to splash and accelerate evaporation. You don’t have to give up your water therapy, though. Simply reduce the jet intensity or redirect them away from the water surface to minimize the speed of water evaporating while enjoying the blissful hydrotherapy experience.

Evaporation? Not on My Watch!

The water cycle might be natural, but that doesn’t mean it should dampen your hot tub experience. 

You can enjoy your hot tub while keeping things in check by employing these tactics and utilizing the Jacuzzi SmartTub System.  

Remember, keeping your water from evaporating is not only about preserving water and water chemistry; it’s about maximizing your relaxation time and creating an enjoyable hot tub experience.

So, grab your favorite beverage, sink into the warm embrace of your hot tub, and let the day’s worries evaporate, unlike those water molecules that won’t dare leave your well-guarded oasis. 

If you are still in need of a Jacuzzi hot tub of your own to soak in, reach out today. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we have the perfect spa for you.


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