The BEST Ways to Meet & Get to Know Your New Neighbors

An ear-piercing “sqeeeeaakkkk” shatters your peaceful afternoon. You peel back the blinds and peek out the window just in time to catch a glimpse of the moving truck bearing right into the driveway next door. New neighbors! Ahhh… You remember what it was like the day you moved in and how friendly your neighbors were to you. How about paying it forward? Here are the BEST ways to meet and get to know your new neighbors.

Welcome Basket

Shockingly, only 50% of American’s even know their neighbor’s names! Can you even imagine? Here in Texas, we know y’all can definitely beat that statistic.

You already know that it’s incredibly hard to be the new kid on the block. Make it easy on your newbie neighbors. A gorgeous welcome basket is a fantastic way to introduce yourself. Think of what your neighbors might need when they first move in. Gift cards for local restaurants, a housewarming gift like a new candle, or homemade muffins for a quick family breakfast are all great ideas. When you show up at their front door, you’ll be able to introduce yourself and offer a little something to say welcome to the neighborhood. It will put your neighbors at ease to know a friendly face right off the bat.

Street Party

If the neighbors on your street are tight-knit, a street or backyard party is an excellent idea! Invite your new neighbors to meet everyone at once. You can break out the grill and everyone can BYOB (bring your own beef) or pitch in with sides for the potluck. Whether in the backyard with everyone in the swimming pool, or all the neighborhood kids in your Endless Pools® swim spa, you’ll all have a blast hanging out together. You can even start some exciting annual traditions like a homemade ice cream contest, best-pie-baking contest, or biggest SPLASH contest!

It’s still possible to live in an America where you can be a great neighbor. Make neighborly connections this year with everything you need from Coleman Backyards. Our three convenient locations make it easier than ever to make your home’s recreational spaces the talk of the block. With swimming pools, Endless Pools® swim spas, and Hot Spring® spas with CoolZone™ technology, we’ll have everything you need to make all your neighborhood get-togethers more than an annual event. You’ll be the best neighbors and the best hosts that your new neighbors have ever seen.


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