Your Guide to G-Rated Hot Tub Games


It’s no secret that hot tubs work wonders for your body, but did you know they’re a great place to exercise your mind? Need to host a kid’s party? Or maybe you want to keep your friendly get-together on the cleaner side. Whatever your reason, there are endless G-rated hot tub games you can play to keep that noodle sharp that are both family-friendly and always entertaining.

1. Who Am I?

Similar to 20 Questions, this game starts with one player choosing a fictional or nonfictional character. The other players take turns to guess who the character is. Try setting up different categories like cartoon characters, members of the family, historical figures, or even famous TV detectives. The possibilities go to infinity and beyond.

2. Riff-Off

Feeling a bit musical? Split up into teams or go solo for this singing game. The first person starts a song and sings until another person or group can start a new song using the last word the first person sung. Make it a bit challenging by sticking to specific genres like the 80s, show tunes, nursery rhymes, or love songs. 

3. That’s Crazy!

Are you a good liar? Or do you stick to the truth? This one may need some planning beforehand, but it’s too fun not to play. Have each player do a quick Google search and find an outrageous fact. For example: “The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days”. When it’s your turn to present a fact you can choose to lie or tell the truth about what you’ve found. Try to convince your fellow players your statement is true, even if you’ve lied. Points go to each player who guesses correctly. 

4. World’s Greatest Expert

Ready for some silly nonsense? Give your chosen player a topic such as elevators, flashlights, or any news topic. They then must become the world’s greatest expert, answering questions that are rapidly fired from the group. Your expert can use the information he knows about the subject or make something up completely to answer each question. The game is over when your expert is either stumped and loses, or your group runs out of questions and he wins. 

Not all hot tub games have to be questionable to be fun. Try a few of these G-rated hot tub games the next time you hang out with your kids or invite a group of friends over for a soak. Looking for the perfect way to entertain? Contact Texas Hot Tub Company and create the ultimate party spot with a hot tub.


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