Is Cold-Shock After Using a Sauna Healthy?

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If the thought of plunging your body into the icy cold after a sauna session is a bit off-putting, you’re not alone. But actually, it’s a fairly common practice originating in Nordic cultures and is surprisingly healthy. Some people even describe it as therapeutic. So, what makes it so healthy? And are there any dangers?

Get Chilly with It

Sometimes referred to as the “Nordic Cycle” hopping from the sauna into a cold bath or shower will allow you to experience:

♦ Reduced Inflammation
♦ Increased Blood Flow
Elevated Endorphins
Added Detoxification
Decreased Muscle Soreness
Glowing Skin

It works by triggering your blood vessels to rapidly constrict and elevating your blood pressure without the need for strenuous exercise. Some cold-plunging experts even recommend repeating the Nordic Cycle several times until all pain is gone. We recommend you always talk to your doctor before making a drastic change in your routine. 

When You Shouldn’t Cold Plunge

Cold-shocking, while relatively safe, also comes with a few boundaries for smart practice. You should only ever stay in your cold shower, tub, or whatever you choose, for 10-20 seconds. This process isn’t recommended for those with high blood pressure because the process itself is meant to raise your blood pressure. You should also avoid cold plunging while pregnant.

Always consult a healthcare professional with specific questions or concerns. If you choose to make the Nordic Cycle a part of your sauna routine, try to work up to multiple cycles back-to-back, starting with just one round at a time until your body becomes acclimated. 

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