5 Hottest Jacuzzi Hot Tub Accessories Right Now!

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dallas jacuzzi next to pool

Accessories pull an outfit together. They take a car from basic to luxurious and they transform your hot tub from fun to over the top! Adding a little something extra to your hot tub enhances your experience to keep things exciting. Check out 5 of the hottest Jacuzzi hot tub accessories for your hot tub this season.

Hot Tub Speaker

Whether you are soaking to eliminate stress, enjoy family time or to create a romantic date night, having the right music playing helps set the mood. Unfortunately, water and electricity don’t mix. Picking up a waterproof speaker for the hot tub takes the worry away. You can enjoy your favorite playlist safely in the water. A new speaker will take your hot tub soaks to the next level.

Floating Lights

Unless you have experienced it for yourself, you may not realize just how much chromotherapy can enhance your hot tub experience. Chromotherapy is really just a fancy word for using different colored lights to change the way you feel. For example, the color blue has a calming effect on your brain, while the color red actually creates excitement and invigorates your mind. Since you often use your hot tub to change or enhance your mood, adding floating lights helps you fully achieve your goal.


The sense of smell is one of your strongest senses. It helps you recall memories and creates a clear sense of pleasure or displeasure in your brain. Adding aromatherapy to your hot tub on special occasions will aid in your relaxation. It is also a great way to preserve those special hot tub memories through the sense of smell.

Drink Tray

Enjoying a fun mocktail or sparkling water while you soak is a must, but finding a good spot for that drink is not always easy. A drink tray makes enjoying your favorite drink simple. You can get trays that sit on the sidewall of your hot tub or you can get the floating kind that sits right on the water. Whichever style you choose, you will love the convenience of a hot tub drink tray.

Towel Warmer

Okay, this isn’t directly a hot tub accessory. But it could be your favorite. You get out of the hot tub and that cool evening air hits you… ruining that relaxed zen feeling that you had in the tub. Putting a towel warmer by your hot tub is a luxurious touch. You get a nice warm towel to wrap up in so you feel just as comfortable as you did in the hot tub.

Just when you thought your Dallas Jacuzzi couldn’t get any better… now you’ve got this hot tub accessories list that you can’t wait to try. Hurry into our Lewisville or North Dallas showroom and let us hook you up so you can find out exactly what you have been missing!

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