How to Start Your Day Off on a Better Foot

Your alarm echoes through your room, jolting you awake for yet another day. As you drag yourself from your warm covers, you may not be thrilled with the anticipation of an over-packed gym, the relentless rush of the morning commute, or another day back at the grind. No matter what, one thing is for sure – starting your day off right can help you face whatever the day throws your way.

3 Ways to Add Pleasure to Your Morning

Curated Coffee: Do you have a favorite coffee? Special order your delightful brew for those extra-special mornings when you need a pleasant pick-me-up. Bring your blend out to your hot tub for a soak that will whisk the stress away. Let the gentle aroma of your coffee soothe your mind, and the warmth of the hot tub water envelop you in peace. You’ll leave your hot tub with your mind clear and invigorated as you set off on a day that can’t be beat.

Gather Your Gang: There’s nothing better than being close to the ones you love. Gather your family together for an early morning hot tub soak. Invest in each other with charming conversation, enjoyable antics, and the simple, peaceful pleasure of just being together. As everyone goes their separate ways for the day, you’ll leave knowing that you gave the best part of the morning to each other.

Enter into Exercise: Avoid the morning rush at the gym with your own backyard workout in your incredible swim spa. Whether you enjoy swimming in a smooth current or using in-spa exercise equipment, you’ll find yourself reveling in a workout that can’t be beat. Afterward, retreat to the hot tub area of your swim spa. By boosting your hot tub temperature to 104 degrees, you get your blood flowing and your heart pumping—just like it does during a great workout. Add some simple exercises like flutter kicks, leg lifts, or aquatic free weights, and you’ll have a morning workout that rivals any routine at a health club.

Want to blow your day completely out of the water? Add all of these tips at once! Coffee concoctions, precious people, and exceptional exercise will have you feeling so fine you’ll want to make this a regular morning practice.

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The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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