4 Kinds of People Who’ll Visit Your Hot Tub

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When you invite people over to use your hot tub, you’ll inevitably host a few colorful characters. Such is life, but with Southern hospitality, you’re going to have to find creative ways to deal with some hot tubbers, while still managing to be great host or hostess.

Here are 4 kinds of people who’ll visit your hot tub.

1. The Partier

The Partier is going to want a good time and, more often than not, drink while in the hot tub. With a loud whoop, they’ll strip down to their swimsuit, grab a beer, and hop in the hot tub as soon as they arrive.

You may want to pass along why this isn’t a good idea. Broken glass is always a possibility with drinking alcohol, and swirling jet water and shards of glass just don’t mix well. Plus, heat and alcohol combined are going to make them extra woozy. This may lead the Partier to become the Sick One and with that, the party will be over.

Instead, suggest that you all have a lovely soak before the drinking starts. Then follow the soak with food and drinks (and plenty of water).

2. The Shy One

This person is more modest and conservative, and groups of people are not their thing. Sitting close in a warm, intimate space like a hot tub? With a bunch of people? No, thank you, they say. Sometimes just the thought of putting on a swimsuit – even a modest one – is going to make them run in the other direction. And, if you do manage to coax them into the tub, they are probably going to submerge themselves as much as possible, cross their arms and legs, and say, “Sorry!” every time they accidentally bump into their hot tub mates.

For these guests, it’s really better to not invite too many people over. And if you do suggest that they hop into the hot tub, try to do it when it won’t be crowded. With time, the hot water is sure to get the Shy One to relax a bit and enjoy themselves.

3. The Philosopher

This one usually comes out during a nighttime soak. There’s just something about the calming, swirling warm water paired with stargazing that makes the Philosopher’s gears turn. While some of these conversations can certainly be eye-opening and deep, they can also become awkward very quickly.

Some people just want to turn their minds off and relax. But then, the Philosopher pipes up, “What if gravity just stopped working?”

Well, so much for relaxing. Now you’re thinking about what would happen if gravity stopped working, and none of the outcomes are good.

Just smile politely and lean your head back as if in deep thought, but try to focus on destressing and relax instead.

4. The Lovebirds

You know this couple. The two lovers putting on the romance in the hot tub. Things are heating up between them so much, they can probably even heat up the hot tub water a couple of degrees. Is that steam from the hot tub or them? In fact, when you’re having a private date-night in, you and your significant other are probably the Lovebirds, and that’s fine.

However, if you have a larger group of guests over for a soak, the Lovebirds can be just a bit too much for other guests to handle, especially if you are sharing a hot tub with them. Of all of the other guests, the Lovebirds make the Shy One the most uncomfortable.

To avoid embarrassing the Lovebirds (and everyone else), consider pulling them aside and explain that, while their love for each other is great, they should maybe cool it off just a little in the presence of other guests. Then perhaps direct them to a more private part of your backyard, so they can enjoy a romantic evening under the stars without being too mushy in front of other guests.

These are only 4 kinds of people who’ll visit your hot tub, but your hot tub is bound to attract a variety of guests to your home to enjoy a nice soak. And while it’s great to enjoy your hot tub in private, it’s even more fun to share it with a group of friends and make some wonderful memories. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we have the perfect hot tubs for entertaining guests, from Partiers to Shy Ones to Philosophers to Lovebirds. Check out our DFW showrooms or schedule a test soak in a Jacuzzi hot tub with us today!

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