How Much Does It Cost to Install a Hot Tub?

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Jacuzzi hot tub in backyard DFW Texas area

You’re ready to invest in a new hot tub, but how much will it cost to install? We want you to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible, so we’re going to share with you some installation cost estimates.

If you are ready to set a budget to install your new hot tub, here are some ballpark figures to help you get started.

Above-ground vs. In-ground Hot Tub

The first cost to consider is the kind of hot tub you’d like to have installed. reports that “The national cost to install an above-ground hot tub average is $315, with most homeowners spending between $157 and $490. The approximate cost to install a built-in hot tub varies from $15,000 to $20,000.”

Our Jacuzzi hot tubs can be installed above ground, so you will save a lot of money if you simply prepare a space in your yard to place it.

Yard Prep

The first step is to prepare your yard for installation. If you plan on landscaping your yard after installation, between supplies and plants, it may cost $500-$750.

If you already have a deck, or at least a designated space that is level, great! It should be about 10 feet from the door to your house, and away from falling leaves and debris.


If you don’t have a deck or a proper level spot in your yard, here are some of your options and how much they will cost.

• Prefabricated Spa Pad – combines strength with convenience, saving you time and money. They are easy to assemble and there is no need for a large amount of prep-time before installing your new hot tub. They average about $100-$250.

• Gravel Base – also one of the more affordable options. You should probably plan to make it at least 8-feet-by-8-feet square to accommodate a large hot tub. Between the crushed rock and other supplies and materials, it costs about the same as a prefabricated spa pad at $100 to $250. It requires more time and effort but is ideal for yards that aren’t quite level.

• Concrete Slab – a little more expensive, but also a considerably more stable foundation for your hot tub. We recommend the slab be at least 4-inches thick and support at least 120-pounds per square foot. Completely dry and fully cure the slab before hot tub installation, so allow plenty of lead time. This slab could cost about $2,500.

• Deck – most expensive foundation.  Budget at least $4,000 to $10,000 for the new deck alone.

You will probably need a building permit, which can average at about $1,000.

Electricity and Plumbing

Factor in the cost of electricity and plumbing set up if your home is not already set up. HomeAdvisor states, “The cost of a plumber or electrician will vary depending on the work needed. The installation of an electrical outlet costs about $200 while plumbing trenches and pipes are priced between $600 and $5,000, whether for drainage or a new water line.”


For delivery and transportation of your new hot tub, it may cost around $100 to $300. If you would like to know how much it will cost for Texas Hot Tub Company to transport and deliver, contact us!

All of the cost and effort is worth it in the end. After the installation work is done, have a celebratory soak. That alone is priceless. If you feel ready to install a new Jacuzzi hot tub in your backyard, contact us or schedule a free test soak in one of our DFW showrooms.

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