Is It True That You Should Wait 30 Minutes After Eating to Swim?


Do you remember the sensational days of summer as a kid? Playing outside all morning, coming in the house to grab a sandwich, chips, and Kool-Aid, and then heading to the neighborhood pool with your friends. Nothing in the world would put a damper on your summer afternoon joy more than hearing your mother call out, “Don’t forget to wait 30 minutes to get into the pool!” as you bolted out the back door. 30 minutes? Is that even true? Let’s explore if this is fact or myth.

Where did this random rule come from?

It was previously thought that your body’s blood and oxygen raced to your stomach after a big meal to help aid in digestion. And while this is partially true, that doesn’t mean that the rest of your body is blood and oxygen-deprived. Parents around the world applied this rule to help avoid the risk of cramps in children’s arms and legs. However, often, cramps are the cause of increased activity, which is typical of kids at the beginning of summer. Your body can function fully after eating. There are real rules you should apply anytime you swim like no diving in the shallow end. Then there are others, like waiting 30 minutes after you eat to swim, that just don’t hold water.

So, what should you do?

Should you wait or not wait? Honestly, it’s up to you. If you are an adult who is used to being in the water and you do not struggle with swimming cramps or issues, swim as you please with a buddy, whenever you want to. However, you may find that it is generally uncomfortable to swim with a full stomach. The pressure of the water on top of the pressure from the food is something to consider. And if you are a parent who is supervising a swimming child, be aware of how your child responds to swimming after a big meal.

At Coleman Backyards we want your summer swim season to be the best that it can be. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that it isn’t risky if you or your loved ones swim less than 30 minutes after a meal. In fact, a pool-side picnic is a perfect idea for a summer treat. And an incredible Endless Pools® swim spa from Coleman Backyards is one of the brightest ideas for your summer of fun. With incredible adult and family amenities, an Endless Pools swim spa is your source for endless summer joy!


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