In today’s confusing world, there’s a lot of misinformation about what protects you from illness, and what doesn’t. Here at Texas Hot Tub Company, we want to bring you only the truth when it comes to using spa products to treat any medical condition. While it is a myth that saunas kill COVID-19, there are still a number of benefits to using a sauna during our battle with “the Rona”.

Saunas & COVID-19: The Truth

You can’t use your sauna to kill COVID-19, but you can use it to strengthen your immune system. In fact, if you do contract the virus, your sauna may help you in your recovery. According to the CDC, heat therapy can help your body fight off the infection. But it’s important to note that saunas are not sanitizers. They won’t kill surface bacteria and they are not considered a medical treatment for the Coronavirus.

Fighting the Virus

Unfortunately, everyone is at some level of risk when it comes to exposure to COVID-19. But, there are a number of things you can do to give your immune system a boost, like practicing good hygiene and taking vitamins. And, of course, make time for frequent sauna sessions! Regularly using your sauna can increase your white blood cell count, which triggers your immune system into improving blood flow and regenerating cells. In other words, your sauna can help your body be prepared to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Improving Your Quarantine

Even when the world seems full of chaos, you can always find peace in the relaxation you get from a nice, long sauna session. If you’re stuck inside with nothing to do, try focusing on more self-care. And, if you’re on the front lines, don’t forget to treat yourself after a hard day. Saunas continue to improve your sleep, mood, and overall feeling of well being. 

Does your immune system need a boost? Find the perfect sauna model at Texas Hot Tub Company, whether you’re interested in an infrared option or a more traditional selection. Contact us today! We’d love to help. 


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