Should I use my sauna during summer?

Summertime Sauna Bathing

Your warm, soothing sauna is your favorite retreat during cold weather. But what about during the summer? Should you still use your sauna in the summertime? Yes! The wellness boost your sauna provides is beneficial all year long. 

Reap the Year-Round Health Benefits

When you relax in your sauna, the heat affects your body in some pretty amazing ways. Some physical benefits, like easing muscle tension and pain, are obvious. But, also, it increases blood flow and raises your pulse, escalates white blood cell production, increases endorphins, and lowers cortisol. Used regularly, your sauna can boost your overall health in a myriad of ways, including:

— Easing stress

— Improving mood

— Improving heart health

— Lowering blood pressure

— Boosting immunity and helping to void off colds and flu

— Improving brain health

— Lowering risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s

— Burning calories

— Promoting better sleep

— Providing pain and tension relief 

— Relaxing muscles

— Increasing flexibility

Look and Feel Your Best

The deep sweat you get sauna bathing is great for your skin. It’s quite different from the normal sweat you experience when the hot summer sun raises the thermostat. Normal sweat is 99% water. Deep sweating, on the other hand, pulls out impurities and toxins. Using a sauna has been shown to reduce levels of chemicals, nickel, mercury, copper, lead, and zinc. So, if sunscreen and chlorine are clogging your pores or leaving your skin acne-prone, indulge in some clarifying self-care in your sauna!

Frequency is key when it comes to boosting your health with a sauna. Finnleo® makes it easy to sauna-bathe as often as you want. Installation is remarkably easy. And there’s a Finnleo sauna to fit every space! From closet-sized saunas you can tuck into an alcove or your bedroom closet, to standalone sauna rooms that will turn your backyard into a spa-like retreat, we’ve got the perfect sauna option for you. Ready to learn more about owning a Finnleo sauna? Get in touch with us!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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