3 Family Activities for the Hot Tub

Summer is just around the corner, and you’re going to need to entertain your kids. What’s better than family night in the hot tub? Family night in the hot tub with games! Try these 3 family activities in the hot tub for a summer of fun and bonding.

Pool Ping Pong

Okay, okay, we know… Your hot tub isn’t a pool, but we couldn’t think of a better alliteration. But this is a fun, cheap game to play in your hot tub. All you need is to put five ping pong balls in your hot tub. The only rules are:

  • You can’t let the ping pong balls touch you.
  • You can’t take both feet out of the hot tub.
  • Keep playing until one person is left.

It sounds simple, but it’ll give you hours of fun! To make things even more challenging, try more than five ping pong balls.

Spa Soccer

Again, this game’s name is a little misleading since you aren’t using your feet (well, you can if you want), but it’s a lot of fun. You’ll need two even teams for this game. Or, if you have someone who is extra confident and thinks they don’t need a teammate, you can have uneven teams. Use whatever you have on hand that floats as a “soccer ball” — maybe even the ping pong balls you used for pool ping pong. The goal is to hit the object so it touches the wall behind your opponent. Anything goes, or you can create house rules for your game.

Buck the Bottle

This game seems pretty simple, but it’ll have your family buckling in laughter. Just take a full water bottle and put it in the hot tub. The goal is — you guessed it — to buck (or pass) the bottle. Except, unlike spa soccer, you can’t use your hands. Get as creative as you can with your passing, just don’t get your head underwater or touch the bottle with your hands. If you want to make it even more challenging (or fun), add a rule where you can’t pass it the same way twice in a row. If your son passes it with his elbow, you need to pass it a different way. If you drop the bottle, you’re out.

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