3 Things to Look for in Hot Tub Jets

When you finally decide to buy a hot tub, what is your main motivation? For most people, it isn’t just the hot water. It is also the soothing massage of the hot tub jets. But when you finally go to buy a hot tub, you’re so focused on price and size you don’t pay attention to the most impactful feature: the hot tub jets. There are many reasons for this. Either you just don’t know what to look for in jets, or you don’t think to ask because you have so many other questions. Well, we’re here to help you with one of your biggest questions. Here are 3 things to look for in hot tub jets.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Our natural instinct as humans is to think bigger is better and to think quantity is better than quality. But when it comes to hot tub jets, that just isn’t true. So, this tip isn’t really what you should look for in hot tub jets, but what you shouldn’t look for. Don’t just look for the biggest hot tub and the most hot tub jets that all look like each other. That kind of big-box-store hot tub just isn’t going to cut it in the area of incredible hydrotherapy. Too many jets mean subpar water pressure. And you know what that means for you? Not the greatest spa soak in the world.

Find some variety.

Instead of looking for size and quantity, look for variety. Odds are you and the other people using your hot tub will want different types of jets, and will have different target areas. You may just want to switch up the jets you use, too. Quality hot tubs often come with adjustable jets, different jet formations in each seat, or a combination. When you’re choosing a hot tub, make sure yours has a variety of jet options so you’ll never get bored. Advanced hydrotherapy targets the whole body. Choosing a quality spa will ensure that you have the best hot tub for your health and wellness needs.

Location, Location, Location

What are your goals for getting a hot tub? Are you getting it for pain relief or for leisure? Jets are an integral part of both pain relief and leisure in a hot tub, but you’re not going to get either of those if the jets aren’t where you need them to be. If you have pain in your upper back, make sure there is at least one set of jets on your hot tub that will target your upper back. If you don’t have pain but really enjoy a foot massage, make sure your hot tub has foot jets. It sounds so simple but is so often overlooked. Hot tubs are a big investment. Don’t make a decision you’ll regret with jets that don’t meet your needs.

Get some expert help.

If you need some help with these 3 things to look for in hot tub jets, our team at Texas Hot Tub Company is ready to help. We have a huge variety of hot tubs with a huge variety of jets, including our Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs. Come into one of our award winning showrooms to take a look, and we will help you find the hot tub that’s right for you. Or, if you’re not quite ready to come in yet but have questions, always feel free to contact us. We’ll be ready when you are.


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