3 Exciting Ways to Get Fit Without That Expensive Gym Membership



The new year is over and fading into the distance. Don’t let that slow fade happen with your fitness goals! If you are already experiencing regret over a gym membership that wasn’t the best choice for your lifestyle, don’t worry. It’s time for another option. Come with us as we explore three exciting ways to get fit without that expensive gym membership.

An Unsuitable Situation

It’s estimated that there are over 60 million gym memberships this year alone. That sounds like everyone is bound and determined to get healthy and fit, right? But here are some other statistics that may astound you:

  • It is rare that people use their gym membership past the five-month mark. In fact, wellnesscreatives.com reports that over 9 million gym membership holders don’t visit the gym more than 25 times during a given year.
  • The amount of times people use their local gym is directly proportional to how close the gym is to their house. Accessibility equals a successful routine.
  • Gym memberships have to be purchased each and every single year! That’s great for the gym owner. However, that’s not so great for you.

It’s time to seek out some fitness alternatives. Let us tell you about three exciting options that don’t have a yearly membership fee, are so close to home that you can crawl out of bed and be there in a few seconds, and are so enjoyable that the whole family will want in on the fun?

A Splashtastic Surprise

An above-ground pool is a fantastic option for your fitness goals. You probably know swimming can increase muscle tone and strength. But did you know swimming can aid in sleep cycles, assist in cardiovascular health, and so much more. Plus, a pool is more affordable than you could have ever dreamed of. A quality pool will last for decades and your whole family will be able to strengthen their minds, bodies, and relationships during pool time.

Swim Spa Sophistication

Along the same lines as above-ground pools comes a technologically advanced option: the Endless Pools® Swim Spa. Endless Pools is all about aquatic fitness and Coleman Backyards has the options that will blow your gym membership right out of the water. From limitless swim currents to underwater treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing kits, a swim spa will provide the full-body workout you’re after. For both casual swimming and high-performance exercise, you can have all the benefits with your own backyard gym! You’ll also find that the low-impact, high-benefit workouts are exceptional for people of all ages and abilities. Check out the incredible Eseries and RecSport models available. And if you want a place to exercise PLUS an incredible recovery cove, look no further than our outstanding Xseries models. Psst — you’ll especially love the X2000 with a dedicated hot tub!

Hot Tub Heaven

Speaking of hot tubs, you may be surprised to discover that your steamy backyard retreat is a fitness guru in its own right. Warm water hydrotherapy has a way of helping and healing your body the same way that an aerobic workout would. The heat increases your body temperature and boosts your heart rate and circulation. And this sends needed nutrients to your brain and entire body. Known for its benefits in mental, cardiovascular, and chronic pain support, a hot tub can add to your whole-body fitness goals. Add aquatic weights and resistance bands to a Hot Spring® or FreeFlow® hot tub and you’ve got a backyard gym you’ll love to return to each and every day.

Bring fitness right to the comfort of your own home. There’s no better time of year to get your fitness needs back on track. Coleman Backyards offers the best brands and models to ensure that you have everything you need for personal health and wellness. And with financing available, it’s easier than ever to get your fitness retreat where it needs to be — right at home with you. Come see us today at one of our three convenient, award-winning showrooms in Plano, Grapevine and Ft. Worth. Our expert customer care team is ready to help you make this year the healthiest year of your life!



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