Find Your Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

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There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping down into your spa, letting the jets pound away your stresses while the hot water soothes aches and pains. The key to experiencing the best hot tub experience often lies in finding the perfect hot tub temperature, which isn’t always a one-size-fits-all. Once you find that sweet spot, the effectiveness of your hydrotherapy gets taken to a whole other level.

Temperature 101

We all know women are famous for their baths and showers with fire-like temperatures, but that can be dangerous in a spa. Your temperature control should display the correct temp, but a second thermometer to double-check never hurts. You control the temperature on your hot tub with either a switch, dial, or a computer display. Some hot tubs even offer the convenience of syncing with your smart devices, letting you set your perfect hot tub temperature remotely. The CDC recommends not going any higher than 104 degrees and most newer models won’t let you increase past that setting for safety reasons.

Temperature Tweaking

The secret for the best settings is the knowledge that it will change and fluctuate with each use. You can keep your spa on a base setting, like 102 degrees and adjust it according to your needs each time you use it. On a hot August night, don’t just settle for the same ole settings, lower your spa’s heat to a few clicks. In the middle of winter, try increasing it. It won’t take long to figure out how to adjust your spa’s temperature for maximum personal comfort.

Pro Tip: Start at the body’s average temperature, 98.6 degrees, and adjust from there to find your sweet spot.

Find your perfect hot tub temperature with a high-quality spa from Texas Hot Tub. Have a question or concern about your existing hot tub’s heating? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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