What’s So Great About the Jacuzzi Pump, Anyway?

What’s So Great About the Jacuzzi Pump, Anyway?

Think about this: Your heart is to your body what a pump is to a hot tub. A hot tub pump circulates water through the filter to keep it crystal clear, creating power behind the massage jets. These are vital roles in the use and well-being of a hot tub! In fact, without a pump to do these two things, your hot tub is more closely related to a bathtub. While all hot tubs need a pump, not all pumps are created equal.  

Jacuzzi® Spas offers one of the industry’s finest hot tub pumps. But, what’s so great about the Jacuzzi pump, anyway? As one of the premier hot tub dealers in all of Texas, we would be happy to explain! Here are a few reasons that make a Jacuzzi pump so special. 

A Jacuzzi Pump is Energy Efficiency

Jacuzzi Spas are cutting edge in technology and design. Creating energy-efficient hot tubs is a priority for Jacuzzi with the aim to reduce customer cost and reduce their global impact. Jacuzzi Pumps can be programmed to run only when needed. This allows you to greatly reduce unnecessary energy use.

Additionally, Jacuzzi Variable Speed Pumps allow you to choose the speed it runs at. Choose a high speed when needed, or choose a lower speed when it’s not necessary. Further, Jacuzzi cleverly designed its circulation pump to help heat the water. As the pump creates heat from use, it heats up and transfers that heat to the water, saving energy expenses. 

Get Superior Power with a Jacuzzi Pump

The amount of “oomph” behind your hot tub jets can make or break your relaxation and enjoyment. In fact, the amount of power behind your jets is far more important than the number of jets in your hot tub. Though when it comes to Jacuzzi Spas, there is no need to worry about jet power. Most Jacuzzi models come with an impressive 2.5 horsepower per pump and up to 5.1 brake horsepower. Get maximum power for effective hot tub use with a Jacuzzi Pump.

Get the Speed You Need with Jacuzzi

Most Jacuzzi Spa Models come standard with one or two effective single-speed pumps. Additionally, some models have two-speed pumps that allow you to run the pump at a lower rate when you prefer. Additionally, Jacuzzi offers a variable speed pump that allows you to adjust the speed of the pump from your phone. Jacuzzi’s variable speed pumps are quiet, extremely energy efficient, and long-lasting. Depending on the size of your hot tub, amount of hot tub use, and personal preferences, get the pump speed you prefer with Jacuzzi. 

Your Jacuzzi Pump is vital to keeping your hot tub working properly and maximizing your hot tub enjoyment. Being so, take time to regularly care for your hot tub to keep everything running smoothing and extend the life of your pump. Stop by our Lewisville location to learn more about Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and see the superior pump system in action for yourself. Contact our team at Texas Hot Tub Company today!


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