4 Reasons a Portable Spa is Right for You

4 Reasons a Portable Spa is Right for You

With so many options on the market, deciding on the right style and brand of a hot tub can feel overwhelming. One of your first choices is deciding between a portable spa or a permanent spa.

A permanent spa is typically made of concrete and built right into the ground. On the other hand, a portable spa can be easily moved, is self-contained, and typically sits on the ground. We believe you will love the features, efficiency, and durability of our portable spas. Here are four reasons a portable spa is right for you.

Portable Spas Have Affordable Pricing

Since portable spas do not require permanent installation, you can skip the expense of acquiring a building permit, hiring a contractor, excavating, and pouring concrete walls. In addition to installation savings, portable spas like Strong Spas® are affordably priced. Strong Spas are available in a range of sizes and amenities to match your budget. Get a high-quality, long-lasting portable spa from Texas Hot Tub Company at a great price. 

Enjoy Your Portable Spa From Anywhere

A permanent spa is typically meant to be the companion to an inground pool. For this reason, locations for installing permanent spas are very limited. On the other hand, portable spas like Strong Spas can be installed anywhere that is level. This gives you great flexibility in design and location preferences. If you wish, you can even install your portable spa indoors if your doorway and interior floors meet the size and weight requirements. 

Maintenance on a Portable Spa is Simple

While caring for your hot tub is essential to spa ownership, you don’t want to spend more time with maintenance than you do soaking in it. Portable spas are simple to care for and offer easy upkeep. Contact our team at Texas Hot Tub Company to learn how to care for your Strong Spa and which products are best for you.

Power and Features are More Advanced with a Portable Spa

A portable spa offers advanced features not available in permanent spas. For one, seating options are more comfortable and ergonomic. Also, the jets in a permanent spa are more powerful, more plentiful, and more advanced. Strong Spas have jets placed to target your neck, shoulders, back, hips, hands, arms, legs, and feet. Get powerful, effective full-body relief with a Strong Spa. 

Additionally, with more powerful jets and circulation, you can experience greater hydrotherapy benefits in a portable spa. Soaking regularly in your Strong Spas can relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and alleviate joint pains among other amazing benefits. 

At Texas Hot Tub Company, we would love to remove that burden and help you find the perfect hot tub to meet your needs, preferences, and space. To start benefiting from a portable spa, order your Strong Spas from Texas Hot Tub Company today!

Stop by any of our five convenient locations to chat with our hot tub professionals and learn more about what a portable spa is right for you. Contact us about our portable spas today!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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