What Should I Know About Installing A Hot Tub Indoors?

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There are a number of good reasons to install your hot tub indoors. Just imagine – with an indoor hot tub, you never have to worry about bad weather affecting your hot tub plans. When your hot tub is nicely tucked away inside your home, you have all the privacy you could want – no prying eyes or noisy neighbors interrupting your soak. It’s a perfect option, except for one glaring problem: the install. An indoor installation is certainly more complicated, but it’s not impossible! Prepare for these three things, and your indoor hot tub installation will go off without a hitch!

Things will get wet

You’ve probably already thought about this. As each person gets out of the hot tub, they’ll take nearly a gallon of water with them. Depending on how many people use it and how often, that’s a lot of water on your floor. You’ll need to choose flooring that doesn’t get slippery when wet. You may also want to consider adding a floor drain. This will help with the daily water problems and can be a real lifesaver when you need to drain the tub.

You’ll also need to consider how you will fill the tub. Some people choose to install a hose bib in the room. You could also install an outdoor hose bib near a window in that room if it has one. Then you can simply run the hose through the window without having a bib in the room itself. 

There will be moisture in the air

Your hot tub is going to create a good amount of moisture and steam. Make sure your walls have a vapor barrier that’s fully intact. If you’re putting the tub in a room with drywall, make sure the drywall is a water resistant type. Concrete, glass and cedar walls also make  great moisture resistant wall options. A powerful vent fan that can quickly take care of the extra moisture is also a must. Look for a quiet option so your relaxing soaks aren’t interrupted by a noisy vent. You may also want to consider installing a ceiling fan to help circulate the air and to keep the room cooler.

Hot tubs are B-I-G

You’ve probably thought at least briefly about the size of the room and the size of the hot tub, but have you left room for maintenance? You’ll want to leave plenty of room to access the motor and other components of the hot tub when they’re in need of maintenance. You also might not have considered how you’ll get the hot tub into the room. Most hot tubs won’t fit through a standard doorway. If you’re building a new room, you could install the tub before the walls are installed, but keep in mind that the hot tub will eventually have to come out.

Installing a hot tub indoors does require a little more effort and forethought, but the payoff is totally worth it. Having all of the privacy and convenience of an indoor hot tub will set you up for years of enjoyment. If you’re looking for an indoor hot tub, come see us at Texas Hot Tub Co. We can help you find the perfect tub and answer all of your questions about installing it indoors.

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