The Best Exercises for Arthritis To Do in Your Jacuzzi®

You wake up every morning with pain and stiffness in your joints that seems slightly worse than the day before. Throughout the day your arthritis pain leaves you feeling drained and sore, and makes performing everyday tasks more difficult than it should be. But what if there was a way to lessen your symptoms, find relief from arthritis pain, and even improve your flexibility? Try a few of these exercises for arthritis the next time you soak in your Jacuzzi® for an all-natural treatment plan to combat joint stiffness, pain, and improve your overall well being.

Range of Motion Exercises

Range of motion exercises are designed to improve your flexibility, much like stretching. Going through these motions is a wonderful way to begin a low-impact workout for joint protection. The next time you’re in your Jacuzzi, try:

  • Raising your arms above your head
  • Rolling your shoulders
  • Flexing your wrists back and forth
  • Bringing your knees towards your chest, and then extending your legs outward from a sitting position
  • Flexing your ankles, pointing your toes away, and bringing them back towards you

Strength Training

Don’t feel limited in your exercises because of your arthritis. Strength training is not only possible, it is a wonderful way to help support your joints. These exercises often involve weights, but resistance bands work well too and may be a better option for a beginner. The warm water of your Jacuzzi will help support your body as you go through your movements, putting less strain on your body, while still effectively improving your physical health. Try to do a low-impact program three days a week, skipping a day or two between workouts if your joints are feeling sore. 

Endurance Exercises for Arthritis

Endurance exercises, also known as cardio workouts, work to get your heart beating and your blood pumping. A stronger heart and lungs mean an increase in stamina levels. Those stairs won’t seem as daunting, that long walk through the grocery store will seem a breeze, and other daily activities will become easier over time. Your Jacuzzi is a fantastic place to work on your stamina as the water helps to balance and support you. Try marching in place while standing in the water, or even dancing to your favorite upbeat song with the jets on for a little added challenge. 

Protect Your Joints

Performing exercises for arthritis in your hot tub is a fantastic way to get back your mobility, preserve your independence, and enjoy immediate natural pain relief. As you find the best exercises for arthritis to do in your Jacuzzi®, remember to:

  • Go slow
  • Listen to your body
  • Keep it low impact
  • Take advantage of the premium hydrotherapy jet system in your Jacuzzi before and after your exercises, and even on your rest days

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