Should You Cold-Shock After Using a Sauna?

For centuries, people have enjoyed the health benefits of sauna use. From increased workout recovery to heightened cardiovascular and cognitive functions, the benefits of sauna use are medically documented. But a new version of after-sauna use has come on the health scene: the use of heat therapy immediately followed by cold-shock therapy. So, what’s all the rage? Today, we are here to find out.

The Amazing Body Response to Heat

The human body is an intricate and magnificent being. From head to toe, there are unseen functions at work in your body—making your body operate like a well-oiled machine. Routine sauna use has shown incredible benefits over the past thousand years. Saunas decrease toxins in the body. They also increase overall wellness by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and delivering important nutrients throughout the body. Heat therapy also helps with the production of white blood cells, aiding your immune system in the fight against sickness.

Cold-Shock Therapy

In comparison, cold-shock therapy also has incredible benefits for your body that stimulate healing and wellness. You are already familiar with some types of cold therapy, such as applying an ice pack to an injury. An up-and-coming treatment, cold-shock therapy, involves cold therapy for the whole body. After sauna use, some believers are dousing themselves with a bucket of ice water, taking a very cold shower, or diving into a cold water tank used for cryotherapy (cold) purposes.

How Do Extreme Temperatures Work?

With special proteins that the body creates in extreme conditions, both heat and cold proteins help the body boost endurance and immunity, aid in muscle recovery, and contribute substantial arthritis relief. Cold-shock is also involved in the research of delaying the progression of multiple neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s. And the great news? It only takes a few minutes of cold therapy to see incredible results. Plunge your body temperature after sauna use to reap the benefits of cold-shock and then slowly warm your body temperature back up. You’ll feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready for whatever is ahead. And with regular in-home sauna use with a Coleman sauna from Finnleo®, you’ll be able to harness the power of heat shock and cold shock protein production naturally and safely.

When You Should Avoid Cold-Shock Therapy

Some people need to monitor their health more closely. Those with a heart condition, nerve condition, or diabetes should consult their doctor before engaging in cold-shock therapy.

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