Hot Tub Maintenance in the Wintertime

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Hot Tub Maintenance in the Wintertime

Hot tubs are perfect to use all throughout the year, not just in the summertime. In fact, for most spa enthusiasts, the winter is the best time for a nice hot, bubbly soak. And, just like in the summer, maintenance on your hot tub is quick and simple, but there are a few things that are cold weather specific to keep your spa running smooth in every season. 

Water Care

Even if you use your hot tub less in the wintertime, always keep a check on your water’s pH and other chemical levels. A well-balanced hot tub is a happy hot tub. This will also help extend the life of your spa because the components will not become run down, keeping your whole hot tub in good shape. It’s also a smart idea to take note of the water level, you don’t want it to get too low.

Check your Cover

Inspect your cover regularly for rips and tears, keeping it clear of ice, snow, and rainwater. Never add a tarp on top of your cover as moisture can build up and actually shorten the life of your cover. If you ever need a replacement, Texas Hot Tub Company carries top-of-the-line Covana® covers for your spa. 


Never drain your hot tub dry in the winter months. Some people may think this is a good winterization practice, when in fact, it does irreparable harm to the spa. An empty tub left sitting in the cold becomes vulnerable to inner plumbing damage like shrinking, which leads to leaks later on when water gets added. Other parts like heaters and pumps can get moisture inside causing mold which makes your spa unusable. 

Whether you use your spa all winter long, or take a break during the colder months, Texas Hot Tub Company has all you need to get you through with expert advice from our dealers. Give us a call or stop by the showroom today and see what we can do for you. 

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