Portable Spas: Your guide to installation, sizes, features and costs

Very few things add value to your life like a hot tub. From stress and pain relief to documented benefits for high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia and more, simply put – regular use of a hot tub can increase your enjoyment of life.

Picture it: soaking after a hard day at work, maybe with your favorite beverage in-hand. An invigorating massage before work to help you get ready for the day. Recovery, post-workout. Soothing relaxation prior to bed. Even fun with the family. And all of it – right outside your back door.

But for a lot of people, traditional hot tubs aren’t feasible. Cost, size, installation and other factors mean you’ve simply written this time-honored source of comfort and fun off the list.

But you don’t have to.

couple enjoying their portable spa in their backyard


Portable spas are a great solution. They offer nearly all the same features as traditional hot tubs in a package that you can take just about anywhere. It starts with how they’re made. Freeflow portable spas are made with a rotational molding process that creates a strong, one-piece hot tub shell. The end result means it’s lightweight and more affordable than a traditional acrylic tub. And THAT means you can take it, and place it, nearly anywhere you want.

Do you rent? Move a lot? Own a vacation home, or simply need to tuck a hot tub into a small space? Then a portable spa may be the perfect solution for you.


With traditional acrylic hot tubs, installation is a … process. First, when filled traditional hot tubs are incredibly heavy. So before you purchase you have to make sure the location you plan to install it can bear the weight. Often, people have a special concrete pad or reinforced deck constructed. Then, there are the electrical considerations. Most require a hardwired electrical connection, which typically requires hiring an electrician.

Portable hot tubs are plug-n-play. They can typically be installed on existing balconies, porches, decks and patios without construction changes (be sure to check your model’s product guide for weight specifications). Then, simply plug it into any 110v outlet, fill it with a garden hose, and you’re done! Yes, it really IS that easy.


If you’ve been shopping for hot tubs, you know that today, they come in an incredible variety of sizes and seating configurations. Portable spas aren’t any different. You’ll find cozy two-seaters and convenient corner models, plus larger spas that can hold a crowd. These options mean there’s a portable spa to fit your home and your lifestyle.


Comparing jets, seating configurations, and other features are some of the most important parts of hot tub shopping. If you’re considering a portable spa, you might think you have to give up many of these features to gain the portability and ease of use you want. But that’s just not the case. Today’s portable spas include multiple jets in unique configurations to give you a complete hydromassage and include standard and lounge seating. You’ll find fun features, too, like built-in ice buckets, accessory trays, LED lights and waterfalls.

Keep in mind that features aren’t all “fun.” Some are just important. For instance, Freeflow portable spas include digital LED controls, and feature energy efficiency – constructed with spray-in insulation and combined with a thermal safety cover, they meet strict California Energy Commission guidelines.


Let’s be honest. While installation, sizes, and features are important, your final decision is probably going to come down to price. Traditional hot tubs, well, they’re expensive. You can buy a used hot tub to save some pennies but if you aren’t careful you may end up just buying someone else’s problems. And of course, once the hot tub is installed – it isn’t going anywhere.

Overall, portable hot tubs are less expensive to purchase and less expensive to operate. To start, a new portable hot tub costs about $2,000 less than a comparable new acrylic hot tub model. Top-of-the-line acrylic tubs cost about 3-times as much as the largest portable spas. Ouch.

Portable spas are a great way to give yourself and your family all the benefits of hot tub ownership – no matter your situation – without the burden of costly installation, or without giving up any of the features you want. And, once you’ve found the model that’s just right for you, you’ll never have to leave it behind.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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