It’s Dough for Doughboy time! Get that pool you’ve always wanted!

Baseball and apple pie. Backyard cookouts. Fireworks on the Fourth of July. Neighborhood games of tag under the glow from the streetlamps.

Some things just say “summer.”

But there’s one thing that quintessentially expresses the season. One thing that, when you see it,  when you hear it – you just KNOW summertime fun is about to be had.

A backyard pool!

And now, thanks to the Dough from Doughboy event, getting that backyard pool is easier than ever! You can save $500 on a complete Doughboy above ground pool package. That’s the pool, liner, pump AND filter – everything you need to enjoy months of belly flops, Marco Polo, splashing-and-relaxing summer fun.

Plus, with a Doughboy you know you’ll be enjoying that pool every summer for years and years to come. Just read what Doughboy owners have to say! Some people still have the same American-made pool they bought in the 70’s!

Are you ready to take your summer fun to the next level? Call or come by today to take advantage of the Dough for Doughboy offer!

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine it. When you look back 20 years from now, what will be your favorite memory …

Your son’s 13th birthday party. Sure, they could have played video games, but instead, everyone spent the entire afternoon in and out of the pool. The boys had the time of their lives while you grilled up more hot dogs and burgers than you ever thought possible. Your son still talks about that day sometimes.

That big Labor Day party, when all your friends came over and Dave fell in. (He was alright). You made that delicious pulled pork, and everyone brought a dish. Remember Nancy’s “Hawaiian Delight” dessert? Even she isn’t quite sure what was in it.

How about your daughter’s sleepover right before the girls all headed off to different colleges? They spent all day in the sun, and all night in their sleeping bags in the backyard. The weather was perfect.

Don’t let another summer go by before you start making memories of your own. Come by the showroom and get Dough for your new Doughboy today!


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