A while ago, your hot tub company delivered the perfect spa. You and your spa have been through some incredible times together, and, honestly, your life has been better for owning such an amazing asset. But there’s something new on the horizon. You are moving, and you’re wondering if you are going to have to leave your prized possession behind. You want to bring your hot tub with you, but … hmm. What are your options on how to move a hot tub? Let’s explore a few.

Option #1: Move it Yourself

If you are in a DIY mood, it is possible to move your hot tub yourself. You can start pumping some major iron, or you can call four of your closest (and strongest) friends. As long as you promise good food and drink, you are sure to get some great volunteers.

First, schedule a rental or moving truck. You will need plenty of space to load and transport your precious hot tub. Next, drain your spa of water and disconnect the electricity. Disassemble your hot tub cover and pack it for separate transport to avoid damage. Then pack any pumps, heaters and accessories separately, and load them onto the truck. When your spa is drained, disconnected, and ready to be loaded, gather your helpers and the necessary equipment. You will need your rental truck with loading ramp ready and waiting. You will also need moving blankets, furniture straps, a couple of 4x4s and moving dollies.

Tip your hot tub on its side. Then place a 4×4 under one end by rolling it carefully to one corner. Repeat with the other corner. When your two 4x4s are positioned, roll your moving dollies into place. Cover your hot tub in moving blankets and strap the hot tub to the dollies. Roll your hot tub up the loading ramp and into the truck. During this step you will need all hands on deck to make sure the hot tub does not tilt during loading.

If you don’t have enough friends, enough know-how, or enough pizza, option #2 is also a consideration.

Option #2: Hire a Professional

Sometimes, it is better to call in a professional. Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

  • How large is your hot tub? Is the size, shape, and weight prohibitive to moving it yourself?
  • How much do you trust the transportation of your hot tub to your friends?
  • Will you have stairs or a sloped yard to contend with?
  • Is it winter or has it been raining? Think about the risk of slipping or getting stuck in the mud.
  • Are you willing to risk damage to your hot tub? Would it be less risky to hire a professional?

We recommend that you call several different movers for price quotes before making a decision. To make sure you protect your investment, don’t forget to ask if they are licensed and insured. Also, ask for references from others who have had their hot tub moved by each company.

Depending on your budget or the amount of superhuman friends you have, we hope these tips will help you bring your prized possession along with you on your new adventure. If you are moving across country and the cost and logistics are prohibitive, there is always option #3.

Option #3: Bless the New Home Owners

When a long-range move means you can’t bring your hot tub with you, build the cost of a new hot tub into the sale price of your home. You will bless the new homeowners with an excellent spa, and you will automatically be able to fund a new hot tub for yourself. The new models at Coleman Bright Ideas for Your Home are incredible. We have the perfect sparkling spa for you. Contact us today for a free quote, or come in to one of our three convenient locations. We’d be so pleased to meet you! 


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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