The decade of your 50s is shaping up to be your best one yet. So far, you’ve accomplished a lot in your life. You’ve raised children, had a flourishing career, and retirement is on the horizon. Now you’ve reached your prime – and you’d like to feel your best. Are there ways that you can build your health and stay limber after 50? Absolutely!

There are many ways to work on increasing your flexibility and building up your endurance so your body can function at its top level:


Add flexibility to your life by first adding the proper fuel to your diet. In your 50s, your body has unique needs for increased vitamins and minerals. Consider a healthy diet of lean meats, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Excellent hydration will also keep your body in shape — adding flexibility to muscles and joints. Fuel your body correctly and you will see an increase in the way your body can perform.


Having a normal exercise routine will build your stamina. It will also help you in your quest for increased flexibility. Make room for three to five fitness sessions a week. You’ll notice an increase in muscle mass and you’ll experience important oxygen and nutrients building your brain, organs and muscles.


Looking to limber up? Stretching is an excellent activity. You can add stretching to your day , even on days that you don’t work out. Add 10 reps of stretching to your morning routine of making your breakfast, getting dressed and brushing your teeth. It doesn’t take long, but the payoff in flexibility is well worth the effort.


An active lifestyle is enhanced by aquatic workouts and hot tubs where your muscles and joints can recover. Consider hydro-activities such as swimming, water aerobics, and exercise kits that compliment a swim spa. The buoyancy of your body in water provides a type of weightless relief, while the water pressure and resistance provide a natural workout that is easier on your joints and muscles. A swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa in your backyard is the perfect place to increase flexibility. It also provides you with your own private workout or recovery space. It makes it so easy to incorporate your at-home hydro-activities into a consistent routine.

Don’t let your 50s pass you by without building the flexibility and endurance that your body needs. You’ll be surprised how much your golf or tennis game will improve, or how much easier it will be to play with the grandkids. To take the next step in limbering up and focusing on fitness, come see us at Coleman Bright Ideas for Your Home. We’ve got the perfect swimming pool, hot tub, or swim spa to meet all of your needs. Get a free quote today, and see how Coleman can help make your 50s the best decade of your life.


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