How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub with Your Pets


It’s absolutely hysterical! From black bears to domestic pets, we all crack up at the funny videos that show the animals we love enjoying some leisurely hot tub time. Splashing, playing, relaxing and having fun are all prime reasons for getting a hot tub, right? But should you enjoy a hot tub with your pets? We’ve got some words of warning.

What to Expect

According to, there are “roughly 5.8 million hot tubs in U.S. households today, which is not a huge surprise given that a high-quality hot tub can last 20 years or more.” If you are looking for your hot tub to stand the test of time, there are things you need to avoid in order to take great care of it. Bringing animals into your hot tub presents multiple challenges. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Clogs. Those fluffy pets that you love so much are fluffy for one reason — they have tons of hair! Imagine what pet hair does to your shower or bathtub drain. Now, imagine that same hair tangled in masses inside your hot tub filters. Not only are you going to have one huge mess on your hands, but you may also have just incurred some costly repairs.
  2. Claws. There are a dozen reasons not to let your pets into your spa, and claws are a major one. Damage to your beautiful cabinet, sleek spa shell, and dazzling spa jets cannot easily be undone. Don’t chance results that will long outlast the few minutes that your pet is in the spa. You’ve worked too hard to build your beautiful retreat.
  3. Imbalance. Introducing pets into your spa water will wreak havoc on the chemical balance, as well as pose a threat to your pet’s health. Spa chemicals are made for humans. They are not set up to deal with contaminants that your pet may introduce to the water. Nor are they tested for safety on every pet option. Our word of advice: You need some alternatives.

Excellent Alternatives

We know you absolutely love those furry friends. But the fact is, you are not going to be able to enjoy your pets when they do major damage to your spa. You made your investment for a reason. Don’t ruin your hot tub by bringing pets into the water! Instead, find ways to enjoy your pets FROM your hot tub. You soak in your hot tub. They play outside of it. Here are a couple of ideas.

  1. In a fenced area that you can view from your spa, set up a sprinkler for your pets to run through. They will have a blast with their own private water park, and you will get a huge kick out of their animated antics!
  2. Set up a mini spa for your mini friends. There are all sorts of pets who would love a leisurely soak. A great solution is a plastic kiddie pool from your local big box or hardware store. Just fill with water and let your pets enjoy. You can even park their new paradise next to your spa for some quality time together. Plus, you can control the water temperature to make it comfortable for them. You’ll be close, happy, and carefree!

At Coleman Backyards we want you to have the best time with your treasured pals! That’s why we provide you with the best in hot tub brands and alternative spa solutions for your pets. If you are in the market for an incredible hot tub that will last for years to come, join us in-store to see why Hot Spring® sells more hot tubs than any other brand in the world. We’ve got the perfect spa for you to relax in as you enjoy your pets at home.



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