hot tub

Installing a hot tub in your backyard is a dream come true. It’s like a permanent reminder to relax and take some time for yourself out of your busy schedule. As you’re searching for your jet-propelled oasis, one of the biggest considerations you’ll take into account is the size you need your spa to be. 

Typical Hot Tub Size

Hot tubs are usually sized into 3 categories. Small spas seat 2-4 people, while a medium holds 5-6, and lastly a large spa can host up to 7 people. So, if backyard barbecues or hot tub tailgating parties are in your future, start by browsing a selection of medium to large spas. However, if you like an atmosphere catered to relaxation and intimacy, a smaller tub may be the way to go. 

How Deep is too Deep?

For the ultimate jet-fueled experience, you want a spa deep enough that the water is just above shoulder level. Any deeper and it becomes uncomfortable, but too shallow and your jets won’t be able to facilitate the perfect massage. This of course varies for everyone. The best way to determine your optimal depth is by scheduling a free test soak.  

Size Versus Operating Cost 

It can be a misconception that the bigger the spa, the harder the hit on the utility bill. Just because a hot tub holds $1 more worth of water, doesn’t mean it costs $1 more to operate. The affect your hot tub has on your utility bill will mainly be from the efficiency of your heating pump, insulation, and the size of your pump.  

Have the perfect size in mind? Stop by Texas Hot Tub Company and see what we have in our showroom. Need to ask a few more questions? No problem! Contact us and ask, or schedule your free test soak. 



The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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