7 Holiday Hot Tub Games Everyone Can Play

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company and creating lasting memories. If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, why not make it the centerpiece of your holiday festivities? Hot tub games can add an extra layer of fun and relaxation to your gatherings. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving guests, a Christmas party, the best New Year’s Eve celebration, or any other holiday event, here are some hot tub games that everyone can enjoy. And with a quality hot tub from Texas Hot Tub Company, you’ll have a space of endless fun and relaxation!

1. Hot Tub Trivia

Are you ready to get started on a holiday extravaganza? Test your guests’ knowledge with a game of hot tub trivia! Prepare a list of holiday-themed questions and take turns asking them. You can cover topics like Christmas traditions, famous holiday movies, or even historical events related to the season. The person with the most correct answers wins a special holiday prize, like a festive drink or a cozy towel.

2. Floating Card Game

If you have a waterproof deck of cards, you can play a variety of card games while soaking in the hot tub. Games like Uno, Rummy, or Crazy Eights can be adapted to the water. Just make sure to shuffle the cards carefully, have a floating playing surface, and be prepared for a few splashes along the way.

3. Hot Tub Pictionary or Charades

Take the classic game of Pictionary to a new level by playing it in your hot tub. Use waterproof markers or a small whiteboard to draw your holiday-themed clues while your guests try to guess what you’re sketching. The hot tub setting adds an element of challenge and laughter to the game as your family and friends try to figure out what you are drawing.

Don’t have a whiteboard or dry-erase markers? No worries! Turn your time into a rip-roaring game of charades. Turn up the jets to up the action, and act out any number of holiday-themed characters and events. From a fleeing Thanksgiving turkey to Santa and Rudolph, you’ll have the best time making the most of your hot tub this holiday season.

4. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Get ready for some vocal warm-ups as you turn your hoppin’ hot tub into a stage for a Christmas carol karaoke session. Create a playlist of your favorite holiday songs and take turns singing your heart out while the music streams from your in-spa audio speakers. You can even bring props like Santa hats and reindeer antlers to get into the festive spirit. Need a place to view the lyrics? Add a Hot Spring® 22” HD in-spa television monitor! The warm water and the soothing bubbles will make singing your favorite tunes even more enjoyable. And if the neighbors peek over the fence to see what all the excitement is about, invite them over too!

5. Water Balloon Toss

For a playful and refreshing hot tub game with the kids, consider a water balloon toss. Fill a few water balloons and take turns tossing them back and forth without letting them pop. As the game progresses, you can increase the distance between players to make it more challenging. Just be prepared for some wet and giggly participants. Your hot tub is the best space for making holiday memories together.

6. Hot Tub Treasure Hunt

Organize a hot tub treasure hunt for your guests. Before the party, hide small holiday-themed items in and around the hot tub area. Provide participants with clues to find the hidden treasures. You can use riddles, rhymes, or a simple list of hints. The person or team that finds the most items wins a prize and is crowned captain of the day.

7. Holiday Storytelling

Create a cozy atmosphere in your hot tub by sharing holiday stories. Each person can take turns telling their favorite holiday memory, sharing funny anecdotes, or even improvising a holiday-themed story. This game encourages bonding and nostalgia, making your hot tub time feel even more special. Make it a game by starting a story and having each person add to the storyline as you go around the hot tub. You may never know when the next best-selling holiday classic will be created.

Find Hot Tub Games and Amenities at Texas Hot Tub Company

These hot tub games are a great way to add a unique and memorable touch to your holiday gatherings. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, New Year’s, or any other holiday, the combination of warm water and fun activities will create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. So, get ready to relax, unwind, and make the most of the holiday season with these delightful hot tub games.

Spice up your holiday gatherings this year with help from Texas Hot Tub Company. We carry an array of accessories and amenities to make each and every holiday event in your hot tub more exciting than the one before. Stop in any of our five convenient locations for a new hot tub or accessories to make the most out of the season this year. With unforgettable memories, you’ll be glad you took the time to make this season extra special for everyone you love.


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