Must Do’s Before Installing an Indoor Hot Tub

The idea of an indoor hot tub is, quite frankly, divine; most especially in the winter months so that you don’t have to endure the cold chill as you get in and out of your hot tub. However, there are a few things you need to look at before making the final decision on whether an indoor hot tub installation is right for you.

Indoor Corner Caldera

Which Indoor Hot Tub?

The Hot Spring Jetsetter (a three-seater) and Hot Spring Prodigy (a five-seater) models tend to be the most popular for indoor hot tub use. Once you decide on a model, you need to consult with a certified contractor to make sure it will work. If you need specifications on your selected model, Coleman Backyards can certainly help.

Home Additions

If your indoor hot tub is part of the plans for a new home addition, then you need to remember the amount of space that’s necessary to bring the hot tub inside. It’s best to install the hot tub prior to closing up the last wall of your renovation.

Choose the Right Floors

Did you know that about a gallon of water flows off of you when you exit a hot tub? Of course, the only place for that to go is the floor, so you don’t want flooring that will hold the water (like carpet, wood or Astroturf because it will mold and rot the base) and you don’t want flooring that gets slippery when wet. The best option is to use matte finished or textured tile to create traction. No slip rugs are a good idea too. If it’s a new build, a floor drain is an excellent idea.

No Drywall

When there’s a hot tub, there’s steam and a lot of it. Your best options for walls with an indoor hot tub are concrete, glass or cedar. If you’re stuck on drywall, though, install a vapor barrier and use dry wall that is water resistant (like for kitchens and bathrooms).

Keep it Dry

A vent fan is an absolute must for removing the humidity from the room any time your hot tub does not have a tightly sealed cover on it. Again, you’re looking to avoid anything in the room retaining moisture – the last thing you need is rot and mold! Install a ceiling fan as well to increase circulation of the air. And adequately heat the room to decrease condensation.

These tips will help you find success with your indoor hot tub experience, so that you can fully relax and enjoy.


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