6 Fun Facts About Hot Tubs That’ll Blow Your Mind!

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Fun Facts about Hot Tubs

Most people know that hot tubs are used for entertainment and relaxation, but there’s a lot you probably don’t know. Here are 6 fun facts about hot tubs that’ll blow your mind the next time you go for a soak, or host a spa party in your backyard! 

1. Hot Tubs and Your Hormones

Believe it or not, when you relax in your warm, bubbly tub, you’re actually altering your brain chemistry. Studies show that regular spa sessions result in an 11% decrease in the stress hormone cortisone.

2. Bubbles Galore

It seems people like to bring an extra bottle of bubbles with them to their spas. In fact, over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs each year. 

3. Sitting with the In-Crowd

We know hot tubs are popular, but did you know they’re so common that there are 17,000 people sitting in a spa at any given time! Make sure you’re sitting in a high-quality hot tub, like a HotSpring® Spa

4. Old News

Hot tubs are extremely effective at relieving pain and stress, so it’s no surprise people have been soaking in pools of water heated with hot stones for centuries. Luckily today’s spas are much more efficient and comfortable.

5. Weight Watchers Who?

Studies show hot tubs can actually help you lose weight. By lowering that stress hormone we talked about earlier, you can experience fewer cravings, curbed appetite, increased metabolism, and better sleep. All these things contribute to weight loss, along with a healthy diet and exercise. 

6. Record-Breaking

Back in 2012, Guinness awarded the title of the most international hot tub. A whopping 22 people from 22 different countries enjoyed record-breaking hydrotherapy, all in one hot tub.

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