Owning a Hot Tub May Actually Decrease Your Water Usage

Decrease Water Usage with Your Hot Tub

It seems like a whole lot of H2O when you’re sitting neck-deep in the water in your hot tub. You want to conserve water, so in the back of your mind, you may be thinking, “Am I wasting water?” This may surprise you, but owning a hot tub may actually decrease your water usage! Sound impossible? Check out these statistics. 

Your hot tub holds about the same amount of water your household uses in a single day.

On average, every American household consumes 400 gallons of water per day. Where does it all go? Doing a load of laundry can use up to 40 gallons of water. A 10-minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. Taking a bath consumes a lot more, 40-50 gallons. There’s all the water used in the kitchen for cooking and cleaning. And of course, for most homeowners, caring for their lawn and garden consumes the most. According to the EPA, 60% of the water households use in a year is for their lawn and garden. 

In comparison, when you add 400 gallons of water to your Jacuzzi® (but it doesn’t have to be refilled for 3-4 months), that’s only a drop in the bucket of your total household consumption! So, rest assured, you can freely enjoy your hot tub full of warm, bubbly water, and still consider yourself a water conservationist. 

Using your hot tub can help you decrease water usage like never before.

Do you love nothing better than a long, hot shower to decompress after a long day? When arthritis or muscle pain flares up, do you slip into your bathtub and let the warm water ease your discomfort? Save water by turning to your hot tub instead! 

By skipping a bath and keeping your showers quick, you can save literally thousands of gallons of water every year. And the hydrotherapy you experience by soaking in your hot tub is so much more effective anyway.

Plus, did you know you can conserve water by recycling your hot tub water and using it to water your plants? Read this to learn how. 

Are you ready to bring home the Jacuzzi you’ve always wanted? It’s a smart move for your water bill, the environment, and most of all, your health! Schedule a visit to learn more. 



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