3 Low-Impact Exercises To Do in Your Hot Tub

It’s no secret that hot tubs are a great option for low-impact exercise. The water’s buoyancy takes pressure off of your body so your joints and muscles don’t get as stressed out. Plus, the resistance of the jets helps tone your muscles. This provides a great exercise option for everybody, but especially those with pain disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. But what kind of exercises are low impact? Here are 3 low-impact exercises to do in your hot tub.

Get in some cardio with bicycle kicks.

Ah, the classic bicycle kicks. We all remember sitting on the steps at the public pool when we were kids, just moving our legs in circles. Well, this is actually a great low-impact exercise to do in your hot tub. Just sit on the edge of your hot tub seat, stick your legs out, and start making leg motions like you’re riding a bicycle. Turn on the jets for more resistance and a greater challenge. You could even do backwards bicycle kicks!

Strengthen your core with pool wall push ups.

Another childhood classic: pool wall push ups. This may blow your mind, but you can even do these in your hot tub. Like you did at the pool as a kid, put your hands on the outer ledge of the hot tub and walk your feet back until you’re in a comfortable push up position. Then, just do some push ups! Be sure to take a break between sets. Only you know what your body can handle. But, if you want a bigger challenge, don’t forget to turn on those jets.

Tone with water weights.

This may be the most challenging low-impact exercise on the list, but it’s very rewarding. Get some light weights that are made for the water — don’t just use your regular old gym weights. Once you’re in the hot tub, you’ll put the weights underwater. Then you can do bicep curls, arm circles, or whatever your heart desires. Keep the weights underwater for added resistance. You’ll be toned in no time!

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