What accessories are available for my Endless Pools?

A family using the underwater treadmill and rowing kit, two accessories available for your Endless Pools

Endless Poolsis the perfect backyard addition. With the jetted comfort of a hot tub but long enough to swim, you really can’t ask for more. Except, you can. Not only is Endless Pools perfect for low-impact exercise and relaxation, there are accessories available to make it even better. So, you may be wondering, “What accessories are available for my Endless Pools?” Here are a few of your options.

Hang up your old bike.

Texas summers get so hot. You want to go for a bike ride, but you can barely make it down the street without breaking a sweat. The water bottle your bike will hold will only get you so far. But, what if you could bike in water? With the Endless Pools Aquabike, you can. This lightweight, stationary bike fits right into your Endless Pools Fitness System for a low-impact workout in water. You get all of the benefits of a long bike ride without overheating.

Pay attention to your form.

Are you a swimmer? Do you wish you could see how you look when you swim? It may seem crazy, but yes, with Endless Pools you can. The Endless Pools underwater mirror fits to the bottom of your swim spa so you can pay attention to your form and make adjustments in real time. No more recording and watching it back, or just not knowing what you look like at all. Endless Pools has you covered.

Stay away from the gym.

With Endless Pools, there’s no more going to the gym to use their row machine or treadmill. Endless Pools has a detachable rowing kit that you can use to work your arms. When you’re done, use the underwater treadmill for your legs. The underwater treadmill takes the strain off your body that you would get from running outside or on a regular treadmill. Plus, you can turn on the jets for more resistance and toning. And, you can make your workout even better with the Endless Pools Fit@Home® App.

Cool down in the summer.

You’re not always going to work out in warm water. We get that. That’s why Endless Pools can be fitted with a CoolZone™ system. The CoolZone system helps you get even more out of your swim spa by allowing your temperature to go as low as 60 degrees. So in the summer (or in the winter, if you so choose), you can exercise in your swim spa without having to worry about getting too hot. It’s a cool down and a workout all in one. But, still don’t forget to drink water.

Exercise the Endless Pools way today.

Are you ready for a better workout now that you know what accessories are available for your Endless Pools? Whether you want to get an entire Endless Pools Fitness System or just the accessories, we’re here to help at Texas Hot Tub Company. Give us a call at 817-952-5984, or stop by one of our four award-winning showrooms and our expert team will help you find the right fit.


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