Planning a test soak? Here’s what to expect.

Planning a test soak? Here’s what to expect.

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You wouldn’t buy a car without going for a test drive first. When you do, you’re checking to make sure the car “fits” you. Are you comfortable with the way it drives, the way you sit in the seat, that sort of thing? If you’re shopping for a hot tub or swim spa, similar guidelines apply. These purchases are investments, and you want to make certain you’re buying the one that’s right for you. That’s what the test soak is all about!

To get the most out of your test soak, it helps to know what to expect.

What to Bring

Bring your swimsuit and a towel. You can also bring a cozy robe, if you’d like. We can understand how you might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll have privacy during your test soak.

Relax – or Workout

Take time to enjoy the Caldera Hot Tub, or the hydrotherapy seats in the Endless Pools Swim Spa. Put the swim spa through its paces, too. Make sure it’s deep and wide enough to accommodate your swimming style.

Size Matters

It’s important to choose a hot tub or swim spa that’s just the right size. Bring the whole family to your test soak – even the kids. Does everyone fit comfortably? Also, consider the space you have for the hot tub or swim spa, whether indoors or out. You need a model that will fit the space you have.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

We know you’re thinking about a lot of details. But one you don’t want to forget is the space in the footwell. When the whole family is in the spa, is there room for everyone’s feet? Do you want jets to massage your feet? Make sure your spa has them and evaluate how they feel.

Seat Depth and Comfort

Make sure the seats are deep enough that you’re covered to your neck. Otherwise, you can feel pretty chilly, especially if you’re soaking at night or in the winter. Evaluate the seats for comfort, too. Some spas have seats designed for adults and children, so make sure everyone “fits.” Check out the loungers, if your spa has them. Some people like them, and some people don’t because of their tendency to “float.”


Hot tubs and swim spas come with an unbelievable variety of jet configurations. Make sure the jets in your test spa are targeting the areas you want most.


Listen to the hot tub or swim spa as it operates. Nothing ruins your relaxing soak like an annoying buzz or hum. Make sure the spa you’re testing meets your standards.

Consider Your Wish List – Ask Questions

Be sure to take the time to measure your experience against your wish list. Ask plenty of questions while you’re there, too. Questions about maintenance and chemicals are common.

If you’re ready to schedule your test soak, contact us today!

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