Water Conservation: Using a Hot Tub in a Drought

A drought can certainly be concerning when it comes to hot tub (and even pool) usage. When your local municipality is insisting on strict usage guidelines for water usage—such as limitations on when you can water your lawn—you may be afraid you can’t use your hot tub at all during this time. But that’s really not the case. There are a number of ways you can conserve water effectively and still use your hot tub during a drought.

Keep it Clean

Balanced Water – Keeping your water balanced with chemical usage will make it last longer. This requires a strict maintenance schedule so you don’t have to replace the water to fix a problem. If you’re good at it, or have a service professional care for it regularly, then your hot tub water can last four to six months.

No Bathing – Take a (quick) shower before using your hot tub to keep the hot tub water balanced (so you’re not bringing extra contaminates into the tub).  Be sure to rinse thoroughly though, because you don’t want soap residue in your hot tub. Also, avoid taking a bath in general because just five baths in an 80 gallon bathroom tub can fill a 400 gallon hot tub; that’s a lot of unnecessary water usage!

Clean Swim Suit – Make sure your swim suit is clean each time you wear it in your hot tub. Again, soap residue can mess with the balance of your hot tub water, so an extra rinse cycle when you wash your bathing suit is probably a good idea.

Filters – Cleaning your hot tub filter at least monthly will help to maintain the balance of the water chemistry too. You can do it yourself by removing the filter and rinsing it thoroughly with a garden house, or utilize a hot tub maintenance service to make sure it’s cleaned regularly.


Hot Tub Cover – Adding a hot tub cover or upgrading your old one can help to keep your hot tub water from evaporating. It will also help to maintain balance in your water by keeping contaminants and debris out.

Repair Leaks – Once or twice a week, walk around your hot tub and examine it for leaks. You’ll get used to the way every nook and cranny looks on your hot tub, and leaks or damage will become easy to recognize so you can address it quickly.

Upgrade Your Hot Tub – If you’re using a hot tub that’s five or more years old, and it seems like you spend a lot of time trying to keep your water balanced, it’s likely because your older model is inefficient. Hot tub cleaning systems have come a long way in the past five years, keeping the water clean longer. It may be worth the upgrade to a new Hot Spring Hot Tub so you only have to change your hot tub water two to three times a year!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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