15' L x 52"/58" H x 89" W (4.58m L x 1.32m/1.48m H x 2.26m w)
Exercise Current:
 Endless Pools Swim Machine
Hydromassage Seats:
Hydromassage Jets:
27 (1 large, 2 rotary, 2 directional, 22 mini)
Shell Color:
Alpine White or Ice Gray acrylic
Cabinet Color:
 Dark Mocha or Gray Oak
Water Feature:
2 illuminated waterfalls
Exercise Equipment Options:
Underwater Treadmill and Rowing Kit
Grab Rails:
3, stainless steel
1,635 - 1,770 gallons
Weight Empty:
 3,200 - 3,500 lbs.
 4,000 watt
Water Purification:
 UltraViolet + Ozone
Electrical Requirements:
 2x 30 amp/230 volt GFCI, 60 Hz

Our 15′ Endless Pools Fitness System, provides the ideal environment for at-home, total-body fitness. Featuring the signature Endless Pools Swim Current, the E500 gives you the best swim current on the market. Fully adjustable for every level – from Olympians to octogenarians – the smooth current lets you swim easily in place. The broad, deep current also adds resistance to a range of aquatic exercises for added core engagement.

Our Underwater Treadmill (available on the 58″ model) lets you walk, jog or run in water’s low-impact environment. You’ll burn just as many calories, but without the pounding of dry-land activity. It’s ideal for anyone who has (or wants to avoid!) joint pain or overuse injuries.

Afterwards, unwind with a soothing hydromassage. Each ergonomically designed seat has a unique configuration of jets – choose the right one to target your sweet spot, or rotate among them for total-body relaxation.

The durable, steel-framed cabinet has sleek, modern styling that’s virtually maintenance-free, so the E500 brings both beauty and functionality to your home. With your choice of options – from a deeper model for chest-deep aquatic exercise to an Underwater Treadmill – you can truly make it your own.

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  • Cabinet Colors
  • Shell Colors
  • Dark Mocha
    Gray Oak
  • Alpine White
    Ice Gray
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