Range of Motion Exercises to Do in Your Hot Tub

If you’re living with chronic pain, you may feel like you have no quality of life left. Simple tasks like opening a jar, buttoning a shirt, or going for a quick walk can seem impossible. So if you’ve been struggling with joint weakness, stiffness, or injury, it may be time to consider some physical therapy. Next time you’re soaking in your spa, try these Range of Motion exercises in your hot tub and see a world of difference in your daily life!

Why Do Range of Motion Exercises?

ROM or, Range of Motion exercises are a form of physical therapy designed for the movement of your joints. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, living with arthritis, or simply want to increase your joint strength and flexibility, ROM is for you! And, as you get older, keeping flexible is vital to your physical health. They can also help you alleviate pain. When the muscle surrounding the joint is strong, it can better support that joint and make it more resilient. 

Simple Stretching

Most ROM workouts are simply stretching your joints in a specific way. There’s no heavy lifting or hardcore cardio involved. Here are a few you can do on your own in your JacuzziⓇ.

  • From shoulders to hands – Interlace your fingers with your palms facing you. Rotate your palms away from, stretching your arms outwards as much as you can while maintaining comfort. Count to 20, making sure to breath, and then relax. Try to do this a total of 3 times.
  • For elbows – Put one hand gently on the elbow of the opposite arm. Stretch that arm outward to its full length. Keeping your arm outstretched, swing it until you reach the opposite shoulder, and then can touch your chest. Almost like the “Cabbage Patch” dance but moving slower and using one arm at a time. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the other arm.
  • Ankles and Knees – Stretch your legs outwards until your toes can touch the side of the Jacuzzi. Push gently until only the tips of your toes are touching the side, stretching your ankles. Relax and bend your knees and then repeat once or twice more. 

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