My Dad Deserves a Spa for Father’s Day

Hot Spring Hot Spot 2014 Relay Lifestyle Pearl Coastal Gray

Dear Mom,

Homemade cards, neckties, and special coffee mugs with pictures of me and my sister on them are all pretty cool gifts for my dad. But I feel like he deserves something more. Something huge! Maybe that hot tub, swim spa thing he keeps talking about.

Do you know what my dad does all day? He goes to work in some big office, sits behind a desk, and does a lot of typing on his computer. He’s told me before about his job and all I can remember is how hard it is to understand. I know that when I was little he worked in some big warehouse lifting heavy stuff all day. Mom, you always talk about how hard he has worked since before I was born to provide for us.

What’s even better is that he never misses one of my ball games, even when I know that he’s had a long day. It always makes me feel good to hear him cheering me on. And that he always takes the time to go on my Cub Scout campouts. He does the same thing for my little sister. Last weekend I even saw him having a tea party with her in her room. I’m glad they didn’t ask me to join them. That would be embarrassing. Any man willing to do that sort of thing definitely deserve something like a hot tub.

And remember the other day how he brought you flowers and when you asked him why he said that it was because he just loves you and they reminded him of you because of how bright they are. That was really nice of him. You always tell me that I could learn a thing or two about how to treat girls from Dad.

So maybe this time we get him something big like a swim spa. I can help. I think I have $28 in my piggy bank. I’ll give you half of it for Dad’s swim spa.

All the mushy stuff,

Your Son


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