How to Treat Your Kids to a Spa Day

Dad and kids enjoying a spa day

We all love a good spa day. But have you ever considered giving your kids one at home to bond and enjoy a peaceful time together?

Our experts at Texas Hot Tub Company are always looking for ways to enjoy time with our families, and we have some fantastic ideas on how to make that possible. Here are a few tips to make it happen for yourself. 

1. Get the Big Equipment Prepped for Your Perfect Spa Day

Think about your favorite things to do at the spa. Do you like to lounge and read? You may prefer to spend time in the sauna or hot tub while you are there.

We recommend using your sauna or hot tub from Texas Hot Tub Company (or both if you have them). You can also use your swim spa if you would rather have a cool dip in the water that day.

You can also grab things like towels, bathrobes, and slippers. Go as big or as small as you like.

2. Grab Some Little Extras to Make it Super Special

Once you have compiled a list of preferred activities, you can consider what your kids might like or dislike. 

We really enjoy using a facemask with our kids (even the cheaper ones from a big box store worked for them). They enjoyed the experience no matter what was on their face. 

You might even get creative and look up a recipe to make your own at home. This can double as a science project as well.

Some children do not like having stuff on their faces, so instead, try a scrub for their feet and hands. 

Each child will have their own preferences and so will you.

3. Whip Up Some Fun Snacks for Your Spa Day

If your kids are anything like ours, they are HUNGRY all summer long, so throw in some fun snacks for your spa day together. 

You can make it their favorite snack or theme it to match the day.

If your kids tend to be pickier, it might be wise to go with a pb&j sandwich instead of a cucumber or chicken salad option you would typically see at a spa. 

You can still cut them into cute small shapes and serve them with their favorite fruit. 

Make things extra special with some sparkling juice to mimic champagne, or make cucumber or mint water to sip on while soaking.

4. Enjoy Your Time Together

Now you are ready to turn on some peaceful music and have your perfect spa day at home.

It promises to be a day you and your kids remember fondly and will want to repeat again.

If you need more ideas or want to grab a hot tub or sauna of your own, stop by any of our five Texas Hot Tub Company locations. 

Our experts at ready to help you achieve a memorable summer and continue those experiences for years to come. 


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