How to Create a Private Oasis Around Your HotSpring Hot Tub

create a private oasis

A hot tub in your backyard can be the centerpiece of a picturesque setup. You love the warmth of a soothing soak, and yearn for the quiet peace at the end of each day. The quest for your own private retreat is a journey worth embarking on. Here are a few ideas on how to create a private oasis around your HotSpring® hot tub.

Install Proper Fencing Around Your Hot Tub

Your HotSpring hot tub might be a part of a larger backyard, but you can always create a micro-environment around it. Proper fencing is a great way to achieve this. This way, every time you enter this zone of your backyard, it will be like stepping into a private wonderland all your own.

Surround Your Hot Tub With Greenery to Create a Private Oasis

Your sacred space where you recharge after a tiring day or week needs to have an element of privacy. With an outdoor hot tub installation, combine greenery with some peace and quiet. Shrubs, bushes, and beautiful flowering plants can give you the perfect amount of greenery and instill an environment of pleasantness and calm. Bamboo, climbing and flowering vines, and taller shrubs are all great options to give you a dedicated soaking space.

Give Your HotSpring Hot Tub Some Much Needed Cover

When you’re creating a beautiful outdoor spot with a hot tub, you should put equal thought in the whole setup around it. A well-designed and decorated patio will greatly enhance the aesthetic of your private oasis. A pergola or Covana cover can help enclose the space and provide a shade for your hot tub and the area around it. Think of your private oasis as the space that also occasionally transforms into a community space. Whether it is time spent with family, or with your group of friends, a patio cover or hot tub cover always come in handy.

Throw In Some Outdoor Lighting

Lights can single-handedly change the way your backyard hot tub appears. Twinkling lights in your private oasis will make an evening with your closest bunch or a romantic date extra special!

A hot tub in your backyard comes with endless possibilities for recreation. Relaxing, especially in the company of nature, is nourishing and fulfilling for the soul. When you’re looking at creating a private oasis around your HotSpring hot tub, you should think of elements that immediately condition your mind to start relaxing. That way you’ll have a space you adore and want to retreat to all the time.

The process to create a private oasis around your hot tub starts with installing the perfect HotSpring spa. Browse through the hot tub options at Texas Hot Tub Company, and find just the one that you’re looking for. You can reach out to us at 817-952-5984 for absolutely anything on the topic of hot tubs. We’ll be more than happy to assist you! Or, stop in any of our stores to see your options first hand. The retreat of a lifetime awaits.


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