How to Clean a Sauna for Guests

Do you know how to clean a sauna?

Saunas provide a luxurious and relaxing escape from the stresses of daily life. Whether you have a personal sauna or manage a commercial one for guests, knowing how to clean a sauna is essential to creating a safe and enjoyable experience. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we have all the tips and tricks you need to keep your sauna pristine. Let us walk you through the process of how to clean a sauna to perfection, leaving it in impeccable condition for guests to enjoy.

1. Clean a Sauna: Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Before diving into the cleaning process, assemble all the necessary supplies. You’ll need:

  • A scrub brush and a broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Sauna-friendly cleaning products like mild liquid soap (avoid harsh chemicals)
  • Clean, soft towels or rags
  • A bucket of warm water
  • A mop or sponge

2. Empty the Sauna

After you gather your supplies, you are ready to get your sauna sparkling and fresh. Start by removing all towels, backrests, and any other individual objects from the sauna. Make sure the space is entirely empty before proceeding with the cleaning process. Proper maintenance is important for great results.

3. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor, Seats, and Panels

Next, use a broom or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris from the sauna floor. Pay special attention to corners and crevices where dirt tends to accumulate. If there is grit or debris on benches or panels, give them a quick sweep also. Don’t forget to vacuum under duct boards too.

4. Wipe Down the Benches

Dampen a clean, soft cloth or towel with warm water and mild soap. Wipe down the sauna benches, backrests, and any wooden surfaces. This step helps remove sweat, body oils, and bacteria that may have accumulated.

Are there stains that won’t come out? First, try a soft scrub brush, some mild detergent, and a little elbow grease to try to scrub the stains out. If that doesn’t work, some fine grit sandpaper once a year can restore the wood to its original sheen. If you do use sandpaper, vacuum the floor, walls, and benches again to remove any dust. 

5. Scrub the Floor

Dip a mop or sponge into the bucket of warm water and mild soap, or use a floor cleaner like Lysol® or Pine-Sol® in your warm water to help disinfect the duct boards. Wring your sponge or mop out thoroughly, as you don’t want to oversaturate the wooden floor. Gently scrub the floor, moving in the direction of the wood grain. Be cautious not to leave excess moisture on the wood, as this can lead to warping and damage. You can prop up the ductboards to dry when the entire sauna is cleaned.

6. Clean the Walls and Ceiling

Using the same warm water and wood cleaner solution, wipe down the wood only on the sauna walls and ceiling. Remember to be gentle and avoid over-wetting the wood. Pay close attention to areas near the heater.

7. Heating Elements, Sauna Rocks, and Bucket

Inspect heating elements and make sure they are clean and free of any obstructions.

If your sauna uses rocks and a bucket for steam, remove the rocks and wash them thoroughly with warm water. Clean the sauna bucket as well, ensuring it’s free of any mineral deposits or residue.

8. Check and Adjust Temperature and Humidity

Before your guests arrive, make sure to set the sauna to the desired temperature and humidity levels. Use a sauna thermometer and hygrometer for accuracy. This step ensures that your sauna is ready and comfortable for use.

9. Restock and Prepare

Now it’s time to start planning! Place fresh towels, robes, and any other amenities your guests may need inside or beside the sauna. This creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, making your guests’ sauna experience even more enjoyable.

Discover Texas Hot Tub Company for All Your Sauna Needs

There’s no better way to host your guests this season than with a clean and inviting sauna experience. Create an unmatched sauna experience with step-by-step tips from Texas Hot Tub Company. 

By following these steps on how to clean a sauna, you’ll ensure a pristine and inviting environment for your guests to relax and rejuvenate. Regular maintenance and cleaning will not only extend the life of your sauna but also enhance the overall experience for everyone who steps inside. A clean sauna is a happy sauna, and happy guests are sure to return for more relaxing sessions.

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