How Can I Make My Jacuzzi Kid Friendly?

How Can I Make My Jacuzzi Kid Friendly?

Warm water with bubbles and lights is every kid’s dream while playing in the water. Here at Texas Hot Tub Company, we emphasize the importance of choosing the hot tub that best fits your family’s needs. Having children can play a huge role in what hot tub you select. Let’s discuss three ways to make your Jacuzzi® kid friendly. 

Game Night in the Jacuzzi

Want to make your Jacuzzi kid friendly? Moving game night to your hot tub can be exciting. Having family game night allows you to spend quality time with your kids and relax simultaneously — a true parent win! Playing guessing games such as “I Spy” and Marco Polo are icebreakers that create good communication and thinking skills. Hot tub freeze dance is also an exciting game. Play any kid-friendly song while everyone dances to the music. When the music stops, the dancing stops. Anyone who is still moving loses. Almost any game you can think of can be transitioned into a hot tub game. Use your imagination and enjoy the evening with your kids. 

Snacking in the Jacuzzi

Playing in the water works up an appetite, but you can’t eat just anything while soaking in your Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi kid friendly finger foods are the best choice for snacks while in your hot tub — especially foods that are easy to pick up if they have fallen into the water. Raw veggies, strawberries or apples make great snacks to enjoy in your spa. Avoid things that crumble or drip like chocolate chip cookies, chips, dips, or even sandwiches. These unideal snacks make for a complicated clean up in your water and your filters. Could you imagine trying to chase around and pick up cracker crumbs out of the water? That would be a difficult and messy situation. 

Jacuzzi Kid Friendly Safety

One of the most important things to remember while owning a Jacuzzi with children is the safety measures that are crucial to keeping your kids protected. Children should only get in a Jacuzzi with an adult. Even if your child can reach the bottom, it is important to have adult supervision in and around water.

Certain accessories are essential to ensure proper safety habits. Steps are used for stability and help provide children with a safe entrance into the hot tub. A cover for your Jacuzzi is also imperative to ensure safety and prevent drowning while the hot tub is unsupervised. Although hot tubs can excite children, it is essential to incorporate safety into fun. 

It’s easy to make your Jacuzzi kid friendly! At Texas Hot Tub Company, we want to ensure your entire family can enjoy all aspects of your purchase. Planning a game night, providing Jacuzzi-friendly snacks, and taking the necessary steps to keep your spa safe are three ways to make your Jacuzzi kid friendly. Contact us today to learn more about our products and accessories that best suits your family’s lifestyle. 


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