Have you ever noticed the “no little ones allowed” in the hotel spa or resort? Is this a real safety concern or a kid-free zone for adults wanting to relax in quiet? Let’s take a look at some hot tub safety basics.

If you follow these hot tub safety tips, you’ll enjoy peace of mind while your family experiences all the health benefits of your Hot Spring Spa.

Warm Water & Little Ones

Whether you’re young or old, everyone enjoys a quick dip in a hot tub. Although, warm temperatures can be dangerous to little ones. Because of the small spa size and the small amount of water, parents often mistakenly assume a hot tub is the safest place to practice swimming or take part in good old fashion pool play. According to the Red Cross, it is recommended children under the age of five should not use a hot tub.

Children & Jets

Don’t be fooled by the smaller size of the unit, you still need to be cautious of children inhaling chemicals or bacteria. Since their face is literally on top of the spa water, you may consider turning off the jets. For safety measures, never allow children to submerge wholly underwater or spend more than 5 minutes soaking. Because children can quickly overheat, always have them drink lots of water.

Vacationing with the family

Since commercial establishments are not always mindful of spa safety, you’ll need to use discretion when traveling with children. Always check the temperature before entering the spa. Thus, assuring safety for both you and your child.  Also, children should never go into spa water temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Nor should they remain in warm spa water for more than a five-minute duration.

For peace of mind on vacation, you can always pick up some test strips to use before entering. Furthermore, never soak in cloudy water or a hot tub with a strong chemical smell. Before your next vacation, you may want to discuss some spa etiquette and safety tips beforehand.

Enjoying a hot tub or a pool with your family can be enjoyable, but always read up on the Water Safety tips first. Hot tub safety always comes first -not just for kids, but for everyone!


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