Hot Tub Hydrotherapy and Children with Autism

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There are many developmental disorders that are part of the autism spectrum. Some are more severe than others. There are many ways to treat them like behavioral therapies, counseling, and sometimes even medication. Millions of families are living a life that is impacted by autism. And all of them are looking for the best way to help their loved one live their life to the fullest. Many professionals recognize the effectiveness of hydrotherapy as an option to treat children with autism. In addition, doing hydrotherapy in a hot tub can produce results that can’t be replicated in another setting.

Exercising in a Hot Tub

Part of the reason these therapies are so helpful is good old fashioned exercise. Some autistic children are not motivated to get up and play. It can be difficult for them to understand the importance of moving around. Many children with these disorders also grow up to have weight problems. Playing in the water is a wonderful way to get exercise without having it feel like a chore. If a child regularly does water exercises they will have a better chance of staying physically fit.

Autism has been linked to an overactive immune system which can lead to inflammation. Doing these exercises in the hot tub can help to soothe that pain and make it easier to move. The hot water counteracts the inflammation and makes the joints move more smoothly.

Improved Social Behavior

Hydrotherapy is usually done with a therapist. The one-on-one interaction and physical contact with another person is good for autistic children. It helps them to learn how to better communicate with people. And the fun that they have in the water helps them open up and relax with people.

Having a hot tub at home is a great way to continue this kind of therapy. The entire family can take part in each session and let the child spend time with them. It helps them feel connected to the family unit. Everyone will feel like they are getting closer and having a benefit on the health of the child. Not to mention how much fun they’ll have doing it.

Like any therapy, you should consult your doctor before starting anything new. When they clear you for hot tub hydrotherapy, we’d be happy to help you. If you have questions about what hot tub would be best for your needs then please feel free to call us today.

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